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Homebrew Applications

Info, discussion and support for existing Wii Homebrew applications. 
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Why should you remove Gamecube controllers and memory cards before using a homebrew app?

by TheWiiGuy
2,873502/06/2012 12:12AM
Last Post by TheWiiGuy

DVD USB access

by bubblenugget
3,2921402/04/2012 10:04PM
Last Post by bubblenugget

VbaGX Input Code Fix

by Trillest
2,652702/02/2012 03:44AM
Last Post by tueidj


by deoxystp
2,183201/30/2012 05:39PM
Last Post by SifJar

FCE Ultra GX black screen

by bender01
2,866301/26/2012 06:13PM
Last Post by MangoInc


by Nobbie
2,937301/24/2012 04:10PM
Last Post by Nobbie

FCE Ultra - Zapper + Controller

by Qufa
2,477301/14/2012 10:06PM
Last Post by Qufa

HBB Crash on download help

by WartHOG
1,840101/11/2012 01:30AM
Last Post by WartHOG

Can you downgrad from Gecko OS to 1.9.1?

by Math10
2,289501/10/2012 02:47PM
Last Post by Math10

Homebrew Emulators and Classic controllers from nesinfinitelives.com

by rcw003
2,591301/08/2012 01:35AM
Last Post by rcw003

Question about tueidj's Descent w/Multiplayer

by brucetp
2,023301/07/2012 08:48PM
Last Post by brucetp

Deleting save states in fceugx emulator

by dirtrider73068
2,365401/04/2012 03:47PM
Last Post by profetylen

Genesis Plus GX (v. 1.6) Problems

by keyswordtar
2,177301/03/2012 06:55PM
Last Post by keyswordtar
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how to use hombrew when it shows bubles

by kamsi
  This topic has been moved.

MPlayer_CE will not recognise USB Device

by Bresmayleigh
1,577212/29/2011 05:02PM
Last Post by SifJar

VBA GX Green and Black Palette

by Vectorferret
2,131112/29/2011 04:07AM
Last Post by Vectorferret

Wii64 Classic controller doesnt work properly

by Tom_HZ
6,947312/27/2011 11:41PM
Last Post by Tom_HZ

SaveGame Manager help!!

by DustinF1989
2,783212/26/2011 09:32PM
Last Post by bg4545

HBB stuck on parsing homebrew list

by tricksta555HD
2,320112/22/2011 04:22PM
Last Post by tricksta555HD

Ncard causes DSI Error

by technoman
2,359712/19/2011 10:20PM
Last Post by technoman

WII Homebrew Launcher - Source Needed

by jhb50
2,457212/13/2011 05:41AM
Last Post by bg4545

Homebrew Channel Freezes w/o Internet

by Qufa
3,0461412/09/2011 01:46AM
Last Post by Qufa


by homer456
2,506312/08/2011 08:19PM
Last Post by homer456

FCEU Gx GameCube help

by jmuzu360
1,963112/06/2011 02:17AM
Last Post by jmuzu360

Multiplayer in FCE Ultra & Snes 9x

by Qufa
5,520512/05/2011 06:43AM
Last Post by Qufa

Descent and WLAN?!?

by thx1138
2,695512/01/2011 06:47PM
Last Post by thx1138

Wii64   (Pages: 1 ... 20 21 22)

by SonicFan49
111,37143611/29/2011 10:50PM
Last Post by SifJar

VBAGX multiplayer

by mic601
4,176211/29/2011 12:35AM
Last Post by bg4545

Wii homebrew outdated

by mana100
2,341211/26/2011 05:21AM
Last Post by bg4545

USB drive issue. Some work - Some don't

by demondude777
2,731411/25/2011 09:50PM
Last Post by technoman