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Bricked Wii? You can fix it, we can help! 
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Black screen, low lvl failure (i think)

by mikeman61
2,259708/05/2009 08:28AM
Last Post by mikeman61

MY System files are corrupted. (Banner Brick)

by YankeeFan802
16,2921908/05/2009 04:38AM
Last Post by anialation

Wii Black Screen Help Please

by RgCz
2,7041308/04/2009 10:49PM
Last Post by MattMan

Wii won't power on after using USB Loader GX

by TheMadJester
2,780808/04/2009 05:43PM
Last Post by daniel_c_w

Black Screen on Boot, no preloader.

by Sucine
3,296708/04/2009 03:56PM
Last Post by Sucine

from Quick to Brick!!!

by yoras
2,1781308/04/2009 06:09AM
Last Post by MattMan

Frozen on health screen, see here

by JavG
2,386108/02/2009 06:31PM
Last Post by JavG

help... with my brick wii...

by wes11ph
2,199508/02/2009 10:37AM
Last Post by blodysk8er

Bricked but have Bootmii   (Pages: 1 2)

by hackmodford
5,6082107/31/2009 10:26AM
Last Post by RgCz

Blank screen at startup, preloader installed but not working

by earck
2,591907/29/2009 09:15AM
Last Post by tutelescano

Bricked wii...

by Hamster
1,848207/28/2009 09:29PM
Last Post by MattMan

Bricked Wii

by lmoore2805
3,0201707/27/2009 07:46PM
Last Post by lmoore2805

My wii wont load discs

by Shayne
3,2891207/24/2009 11:51AM
Last Post by SifJar

SD Failure

by kormakid
1,719207/24/2009 12:32AM
Last Post by WaxyPumpkin72

3.2u no preloader, cios36, flashed 4.0u dol into csm?

by giersh
2,212707/23/2009 07:37PM
Last Post by MattMan

Full Brick - No Solution found (...yet!)

by pino
2,624507/23/2009 11:41AM
Last Post by SifJar

So my sister f*cked up mi Wii

by jesh12d3
1,999307/23/2009 11:39AM
Last Post by SifJar

Semi-Bricked wii, no HBC, but update is available

by Moco64
2,875507/22/2009 12:38PM
Last Post by SifJar

Black Screen Brick Problem; Have Bootmii and can't run HBC

by itsameSMB
3,803907/21/2009 10:19PM
Last Post by itsameSMB

Wii not booting right

by iceblower
1,663207/21/2009 05:58PM
Last Post by SifJar
This topic has been moved.

Disk brick?

by Xibenix
  This topic has been moved.

HELP!?!??   (Pages: 1 2)

by Xibenix
4,1703507/16/2009 08:49PM
Last Post by Xibenix

Bricked Wii(?)- No "Press A" at Health and Safety

by recon
3,7851207/14/2009 11:41PM
Last Post by SifJar

Low Level Bricked Wii cant get into recovery mode.

by Auyx
7,3061707/11/2009 12:46AM
Last Post by skygamer

The One Time I Remove Preloader...

by theinnernette
3,1861507/11/2009 12:33AM
Last Post by SifJar

Bricked Wii (unable to find out why)

by Mikeycooly
1,936407/08/2009 07:12PM
Last Post by SifJar

Wii doesn't boot anymore

by Wii1989
3,749707/07/2009 12:43AM
Last Post by pinball Wizard

4.1 update to unbrick a 4.0 Wii using Savemii?

by Fnomna
4,715707/06/2009 08:24AM
Last Post by metroid_maniac

Wii Bricked

by NeoSX
3,0511107/04/2009 04:13PM
Last Post by bwprado

Stuck at language screen

by niohubala
3,4351206/30/2009 07:10PM
Last Post by niohubala