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BootMii Beta

A moderated forum for discussion of the BootMii Beta. 
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Back Up Nand Feature

by Valermos
2,785905/21/2009 02:51AM
Last Post by cr08

Have i got boot2v4? :(

by pood
4,959205/20/2009 10:12PM
Last Post by Juggz

Can you uninstall BootMii?

by luigirocks
19,910805/20/2009 08:59PM
Last Post by luigirocks

Bootmii flashable binary to SD card?

by Cappo
2,673405/19/2009 10:54PM
Last Post by niko86

Crazy Question

by AstroZombie
2,324305/19/2009 04:58PM
Last Post by Boredom

HBC not showing apps (SDHC incompatible with 1.0.2)

by diffikolt
2,874805/19/2009 01:48PM
Last Post by niko86

BootMii upgrade to new versions in future

by sephk
3,937605/19/2009 10:24AM
Last Post by SpyroDragon

Intall on corrupted wii?

by seek
2,979305/17/2009 04:05PM
Last Post by seek


by pood
2,477405/17/2009 11:20AM
Last Post by pood

BootMii install not starting at all

by webyugioh
3,388505/17/2009 07:59AM
Last Post by Klizzle

Patchmii Core + Bootmii IOS both use IOS254

by 4ndy
4,019205/16/2009 01:14PM
Last Post by bushing

Can you just run the sanity check?

by EnsignR
2,800505/16/2009 05:42AM
Last Post by EnsignR

Another SD card issue (in BootMii and HBC 1.0.2)

by pcfree
3,610905/15/2009 10:39PM
Last Post by diffikolt

What Does IOS BootMii Do For Us?

by TiMeBoMb
7,957505/15/2009 10:34PM
Last Post by metroid_maniac

BootMii as the System Menu's IOS?

by Fenrir
3,891105/15/2009 09:51PM
Last Post by Fenrir

Question regarding wii nand

by niko86
4,0051005/15/2009 08:41PM
Last Post by magu

Backup of boot2?

by galluzzt
2,400205/15/2009 07:18PM
Last Post by diffikolt

Option to remove Nintendos ability to overwrite boot2?

by SpyroDragon
3,175505/15/2009 03:48PM
Last Post by diffikolt

Does the nand backup include boot2?

by knoppix
2,738605/15/2009 01:10PM
Last Post by knoppix

wont install, weird...edit : fixed

by martinstatic
2,599105/15/2009 10:14AM
Last Post by martinstatic

BootMii SD menu, a minor bug and a feature request

by pcfree
3,231305/15/2009 09:47AM
Last Post by Alexrose

Korean Wii

by peterjung
3,589305/15/2009 07:36AM
Last Post by peterjung

Question: How is bootmii trigged once installed ?

by thetom
3,278505/15/2009 07:18AM
Last Post by thetom

Suggestion: skip bootmii menu, unless button is pressed

by Kedest
4,771605/15/2009 01:49AM
Last Post by Kedest

Possible bug regarding bootmii.ini

by Helsionium
4,189305/14/2009 11:48PM
Last Post by bushing

Wavebird issues

by GaussTek
2,935305/14/2009 11:15PM
Last Post by bushing

Online install? And any issues with modchip?

by GreyMatter
2,598205/14/2009 10:42PM
Last Post by bushing

Installer Hangs

by alainvey
3,7481505/14/2009 10:24PM
Last Post by jabce85

BootMii as IOS doesn't work??

by Sephiroth
7,441705/14/2009 10:15PM
Last Post by diffikolt

Bootmii crashes if SD card removed

by shawabawa
3,153405/14/2009 09:24PM
Last Post by diffikolt