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BootMii Beta

A moderated forum for discussion of the BootMii Beta. 
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Failure to backup NAND

by spammaister2000
3,707306/08/2009 12:52AM
Last Post by spammaister2000

This can safely "update bootmii"?

by hackmodford
3,141206/05/2009 09:50PM
Last Post by WaxyPumpkin72

[Tutorial] How to use Wavebirds on bootmii

by Yisrolik
3,696206/03/2009 08:21PM
Last Post by shardrillMorden

"no vulnerable IOS found" - Anyway around it?

by Jpizzle1122
5,910506/01/2009 11:29PM
Last Post by magu

replacement nand

by self_slaughter
3,304506/01/2009 01:31PM
Last Post by bushing

BootMii v2 for Boot2v4 cant install only IOS??

by svtlight
9,437406/01/2009 01:29PM
Last Post by bushing

Question about SD incompatibility

by sffadsad
2,596206/01/2009 02:37AM
Last Post by Sephiroth

BootMii IOS launching Problem

by kvg11
3,187506/01/2009 02:30AM
Last Post by kvg11

Can't create backup with new BootMii Beta2

by Sephiroth
4,076605/31/2009 05:16PM
Last Post by pcfree

Reverting to Beta1

by Alael
2,394205/30/2009 08:42PM
Last Post by Yisrolik
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ok to upgrade to 4.0 after bootmii?

by bones3010
  This topic has been moved.

Broken Homebrew Channel with Beta2?

by Aether
2,580105/30/2009 02:32AM
Last Post by Aether

BootMii Cannot be Install Error (-1)

by infinity
4,6771105/29/2009 08:26PM
Last Post by infinity

Beta 2 Worked For Me!!!

by Juggz
2,522305/29/2009 01:27PM
Last Post by sephk

Error 1020000013 when installing BootMii beta 2

by sm32
3,525105/29/2009 06:50AM
Last Post by sm32

What is ECC failure on log file ?

by Wraith
4,799405/29/2009 05:45AM
Last Post by GreyMatter

Boot delay?

by BEan
2,755305/28/2009 11:50PM
Last Post by iofthestorm
This topic has been moved.

SDHC support in HBC 1.0.3

by pinksteady
  This topic has been moved.

Issues I Have Ran Into

by cheez_cs
2,8611105/28/2009 05:27PM
Last Post by niko86

Is it ok to delete IOS254 after installing as boot2?

by GreyMatter
5,368605/27/2009 07:07PM
Last Post by diffikolt

The Mechanism for Boot1 to Choose Bootmii Instead of Boot2

by pcfree
4,404605/27/2009 03:31PM
Last Post by pcfree

Power off while NAND backup

by pokeglobe
2,761505/26/2009 11:29PM
Last Post by master5o1

Completely confused and slightly embarrased

by danmed
3,014805/26/2009 01:14AM
Last Post by Sephiroth

Bootmii boot failure

by bytre
5,152305/24/2009 06:21PM
Last Post by bytre

Bootmii won't launch apps

by agoaj
3,364405/24/2009 01:16PM
Last Post by bushing

Does BootMii Have Network Access?

by TiMeBoMb
3,308805/24/2009 01:10PM
Last Post by bushing

Question about uninstalling...?

by doofus123
2,880405/24/2009 04:33AM
Last Post by bushing

Updating system menu

by nik69
3,096705/23/2009 11:46PM
Last Post by bushing

SDTVs (or, more likely, composite cables)

by Zardus
2,511505/22/2009 01:48AM
Last Post by Zardus
This topic has been moved.

Erasing IOS?

by firebat20
  This topic has been moved.