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Wiimote in Dolphin (emulator)

Posted by blitter 
Wiimote in Dolphin (emulator)
February 18, 2009 05:00PM
Hi all, my first post. I'm really enjoying coding on the Wii, previously I would play around with OpenGL (PC). Originally I became a hobbiest on the Amiga.

Now to my issue. If I test my code on Wii (actual), then all is fine. But when I test via Dolphin I just can't seem to detect the pointer? Either a real remote or an emulated one (apparently via mouse/keys). Has anyone had any success doing so with the Dolphin emulator?

Re: Wiimote in Dolphin (emulator)
February 18, 2009 05:06PM
Re: Wiimote in Dolphin (emulator)
February 18, 2009 05:25PM
It does support Wii, and Wii homebrew, but compatibility is limited.
Re: Wiimote in Dolphin (emulator)
February 18, 2009 05:32PM
Re: Wiimote in Dolphin (emulator)
February 18, 2009 06:42PM
Fascinating, I never knew it could be done. If I have time, I'll try it out later. This would greatly speed up development for me if I could get it working. Thanks for bringing this up blitter :)
Re: Wiimote in Dolphin (emulator)
February 18, 2009 07:50PM
Re: Wiimote in Dolphin (emulator)
February 19, 2009 08:26AM
Ah, that's really cool, since I am without my Wii on weekdays at college. So GX functions work fine in Dolphin? Which version are you using? I may try it out myself, because the stuff I plan on working on right now involves GX and I hate not being able to do anything during the week because on weekends I'm too tired to do anything.
Re: Wiimote in Dolphin (emulator)
February 19, 2009 05:13PM
Yes GX functions work just fine - I'm texturing 3D objects, and drawing a ttf font. Which is kinda funny as the helloworld example didn't work when I first tried the emulator!

I always try the latest unofficial release, which are released every Monday...this weeks release has some debug appearing on top of things, I'm yet to look at what it means; "+m" etc.
Re: Wiimote in Dolphin (emulator)
February 20, 2009 12:01AM
Cool. I'm actually trying to write a GUI toolkit sort of thing using GX so I should be able to test everything in Dolphin fairly easily. I just remember when I first tried writing homebrew and the same thing happened; couldn't even get the simple hello world program to run. One last question, do you know whether the 64 bit version is faster? I've seen that sometimes this is the case with emulators but not always, and sometimes the 64 bit version is buggier.
Re: Wiimote in Dolphin (emulator)
February 20, 2009 03:56AM
Ah the GUI...I've spent many-a-night on mine - and have a nice system which allows for adding content effortlessly. Dolphin has really helped with that for sure (ex. lining up boxes around text took a few compiles to get right under all circumstances).

However, without pointer-interaction I'm not able to test roll-over etc. So a lot of recent testing has been on Wii actual (BSG anyone? :)) via WiFi and PIP. I'm really loving sending the dol to HBC via Programmer's Notepad, that's a great feature!

I'm not sure about the 64 bit version, still on Vista x86 here intending to update soon when I check if this Bluetooth dongle will ever function in Dolphin! (according to one of the Dolphin coders I should be already). I know that they work on Dolphin continuously, and a separate coder compiles the x64 version. If not already then it will eventually be faster, the whole project is in alpha really - with "limited compatability".

If you have a decent PC (CPU and GFX) then you will find the emulator is very quick indeed.
Re: Wiimote in Dolphin (emulator)
February 20, 2009 05:32PM
Meh, well my laptop has not so good graphics. But uh, I tried running Dolphin 2276 or whatever the latest SVN revision was, and it complained about a bunch of plugins such as DirectX9Video and Pad plugins etc, and then it refused to load. Was I supposed to download something else too?
Re: Wiimote in Dolphin (emulator)
February 20, 2009 07:49PM
Re: Wiimote in Dolphin (emulator)
February 20, 2009 10:57PM
Installing the redist thing worked fine, and now I can run example programs perfectly. But of course now I'm stuck in the same situation as you; no Wiimote input. Have you tried asking on the Dolphin forums whether they plan to support a mouse emulating a Wiimote? That would be very useful and I'm actually kind of surprised that it doesn't work like that already.
Re: Wiimote in Dolphin (emulator)
February 21, 2009 12:11AM
Good to hear that worked for you. Hopefully between us we can solve this.

Ok I have an update!
Not there yet, but I managed to rip (backup) my Zelda disk as I read that it works in Dolphin. And sure enough it does, it even ran at 20fps on my rig. The Wiimote works too! Hm, now what are we not doing to activate it in our own code? It sure works on Wii actual. Anyone help - we are so close!
Re: Wiimote in Dolphin (emulator)
February 21, 2009 12:15AM
btw: there is apparently mouse emulation for aiming, and keys for buttons (A=A etc.), but so far all I get is WPAD_ERR_NO_CONTROLLER in "res" when I read with "u32 status; s32 res; res = WPAD_Probe(0, &status);".

edit: clarity

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