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Coding Forum Ground Rules (READ FIRST)

Posted by tona 
Coding Forum Ground Rules (READ FIRST)
August 25, 2008 07:44AM
In order to make this forum a useful resource for developers, some special rules will apply to topics and posts made in this forum.

In short:
This forum is for CODERS ONLY!

To clarify:

This forum is for people who have the ability to:
A) Write code (in general)
B) Compile and run code on the Wii.

If you do not know how to write code, this forum is not for you.
That's it. Topics and posts made by users who do not fulfill these requirements will be moved or deleted.

If you do not know how to compile and run code on your Wii, please refer to one of the following resources:

Official devkitpro "Getting Started" Page
Wiibrew.org devkitpro tutorial
Or, defer your questions to the Homebrew Help or Offtopic forums.
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