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Sound with SDL-Port

Posted by matburton 
Sound with SDL-Port
September 23, 2008 02:32PM
Hey all,

Firstly has anyone had any success playing mod files with SDL_mixer (or any other module format)?

After having a look at the makefile for SDL_mixer it looks like Mikmod is included my default but:
- When I try and play a mod file using Mix_Music I get a core dump
- When I try and play a mod file using Mix_Chunk I get a debug message saying unsupported format
- I can play the mod file using Mikmod on my PC (so it's not a corrupt mod)

I can play WAV files so this isn't a general sound problem.

Also I'm having trouble building SDL_Port and SDL_mixer myself:
- SDL_Port builds fine but when using it I get no sound at all (not even WAV files play but no errors)
- SDL_mixer complains about the "effect_position" file but I'll have to take another look at that (I'm posting this away from home)

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance ;-)
Re: Sound with SDL-Port
September 23, 2008 02:56PM
I can't say I've tried using SDL, since I haven't... But if you're looking for module file playing + wavs, etc., I've written a Wii driver for MikIT (Mikmod's C++ successor) to play through the sndlib mixer library. I can offer you that if you want it :)
Re: Sound with SDL-Port
September 23, 2008 10:52PM
Thanks AerialX for the heads-up, that sounds like the sort of thing you should post on wiibrew wiki!

I'd prefer to use SDL simply because I want to use "write once - compile anywhere" as much as possible.

I've narrowed down my problem, I actually tried (by mistake) to play mods with my build of SDL-Port, oops!
If I use the pre-built library then I can play mods fine.

The real question is then:
Why do I not get any sound when I build the SDL-Port library myself?

I don't get any errors while building and the only change I've made to Makefile.gamecube is the change the library paths.

Has anyone else build SDL-Port?
If so do you get any sound?

Any help appreciated!
Re: Sound with SDL-Port
September 26, 2008 08:58PM
No sound for me, even with the pre-build library :(
Because of this, and others problems without solution, I give up SDL-Port.
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