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Makefile that works with spaces

Posted by JohnPeterson 
Makefile that works with spaces
October 22, 2008 07:37AM
I'm using a VS NMake project to build my wiibrews and I found it annoying that the Makefile would not work if my VS project was stored in a path with spaces in. So I made a Makefile that allows spaces. I've posted my modified Makefile here. It works with Wii Solitaire and that's the project for which SOURCES is set up. Please post any comments or suggestions if you find a better solution.

It was basically two changes that made it work. First I had to change $(notdir $(CURDIR)) to $(call qs, $(notdir $(call sq, $(CURDIR)))) and then I had to change VPATH and the targets to relative paths.

Potential issues: It may break if LIBDIRS or INCLUDES is not empty.

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