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GX bad Lighting example.

Posted by technik 
GX bad Lighting example.
November 10, 2009 09:03AM

This is an example of how GX Lighting currently work. This is a video of NeheGX lesson 8 example compiled and running on my Wii. In the video you can clearly see the bug that I've been talking about in some posts. There is a concrete angle for vertex to change from shaded to lighten and viceversa instead of progresive shading. And obviously, this bug makes hardware-ligting imposible to use in any serious lighting project. Now I'm trying to find an old version of GX or DevKitPPC that didn't make this, because I know it did work properly.
However, can anyone tell me how to get r15? the older devkitppc I've found is r16, and last time I got lights to work was in r15, i think.
Re: GX bad Lighting example.
November 11, 2009 03:35PM
This link: [devkitpro.svn.sourceforge.net]

Should have all the released versions, I hope you can find the problem.
Re: GX bad Lighting example.
November 11, 2009 06:37PM
Those are libogc versions, not devkitppc versions. And I have to test both of them. In fact, taking a look at libogc changelogs, no change has been made to GX that can affect lighting (as far as I know) so the problem may be caused by an update on devkitppc.
Re: GX bad Lighting example.
November 11, 2009 08:37PM
devkitPPC is using newlib and there is repository for that too: [sourceware.org]
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