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Introducing BennuGD game programming language

Posted by josebagar 
Introducing BennuGD game programming language
April 24, 2010 03:49AM
Hi everyone,

I've been working for quite some time to get the BennuGD game engine ported to the Wii.
BennuGD is a multi-platform (right now, it's supported in linux/win32/gp2x wiz and works in gp2x/pandora consoles. It's compiling in MacOSX too, but not fully working there, yet) game programming language/game engine focused on simplicity. It tries to abstract most of the complexity of game programming from the user, and is mostly aimed at 2D gaming, although a 3D module based on Irrlicht exists for computer platforms, too.
In that spirit, the engine takes care of loading graphics, sounds, music... making it a function call away from the user (you'd be using functions like load_png, load_song/play_song...).
You can check out more info about BennuGD at its official webpage.

I now consider the native Wii port alpha quality, which means that most of upstream's features are in and now it's time for bugfixing.
The thing is pretty much working in most aspects (file access seems to have bugs, but most other aspects seem to be working great) so I wanted to introduce it to you. You can get some BennuGD created games from the projects page and from the recent GP2X Wiz contest page (http://www.bennugd.org/?q=node/76) if you want to see code examples.
There are not yet many projects ported to the Wii as it was not long ago that I got all the pieces together, but most games should just need to be recompiled so they can work on the Wii.
In case you've got questions, I'll keep an eye on this forums for them and you're more than welcome to ask in the official forums. I'll be glad to help.

Some links:
Official website: [www.bennugd.org]
Official docs: [wiki.bennugd.org]
Official forums: [forum.bennugd.org]
Projects page: [projects.bennugd.org] (Most games come with source)
Apagame4be: [code.google.com] (All of them are introductory level and come with full source)
More games: [betatester.bennugd.org] (All of them come with source)
Wii version: [code.google.com]
Port worklog: [bennugd-wii.blogspot.com]

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