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printf not working in if() statement

Posted by Jacic 
printf not working in if() statement
November 11, 2010 11:50PM
I have this code:

static void *xfb = NULL;
static GXRModeObj *rmode = NULL;

int main(int argc, char **argv) {

	// Initialise the video system
	// This function initialises the attached controllers
	// Obtain the preferred video mode from the system
	// This will correspond to the settings in the Wii menu
	rmode = VIDEO_GetPreferredMode(NULL);

	// Allocate memory for the display in the uncached region
	xfb = MEM_K0_TO_K1(SYS_AllocateFramebuffer(rmode));
	// Initialise the console, required for printf
	// Set up the video registers with the chosen mode
	// Tell the video hardware where our display memory is
	// Make the display visible

	// Flush the video register changes to the hardware

	// Wait for Video setup to complete
	if(rmode->viTVMode&VI_NON_INTERLACE) VIDEO_WaitVSync();

	// The console understands VT terminal escape codes
	// This positions the cursor on row 2, column 0
	// we can use variables for this with format codes too
	// e.g. printf ("\x1b[%d;%dH", row, column );
	printf("                                 PowerOffTo\n");
	printf("A: Idle mode(yellow)\nB: Standby mode(red)\nHOME: Exit to loader");

	while(1) {

		// Call WPAD_ScanPads each loop, this reads the latest controller states

		// WPAD_ButtonsDown tells us which buttons were pressed in this loop
		// this is a "one shot" state which will not fire again until the button has been released
		u32 pressed = WPAD_ButtonsDown(0);

		// standby mode
		if(pressed & WPAD_BUTTON_B) SYS_ResetSystem(SYS_POWEROFF_STANDBY,0,0);
		//idle mode
		if(pressed & WPAD_BUTTON_A) SYS_ResetSystem(SYS_POWEROFF_IDLE,0,0);
		//exit to loader
		if(pressed & WPAD_BUTTON_HOME)
		    //prinf("\n\nReturning to loader");

		// Wait for the next frame

	return 0;
This code was taken from the template and modified for a quick demo, and works fine. However, when I uncomment out the printf() right before exit(0), I get:
73:7: warning: implicit declaration of function 'prinf'
73: undefined reference to `prinf'
Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?
Re: printf not working in if() statement
November 12, 2010 02:09AM
I'm afraid there is nothing that can be done to fix that. It'll take years to debug the code and find out where the error lies.

Well, that's not totally true... you can try something really really dangerous and you risk ruining your computer.... but if you wanna try it. Proceed with caution with the following steps:

1. Put the letter "t" between the letter "n" and the letter "f" in the word "prinf"

2. Cross your fingers.

good luck my friend!

Edit: just a little humor! :D

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Re: printf not working in if() statement
November 12, 2010 02:09AM

73: undefined reference to `prinf'
Re: printf not working in if() statement
November 12, 2010 04:28AM
*facepalm* Well, thats what you get when youre in a hurry and dont take time to completely read error messages! :)
Thanks for pointing that out.
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