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configure script that matches devkitPPC ?

Posted by TheDrev 
configure script that matches devkitPPC ?
January 17, 2011 02:07PM
hi !

When creating a Makefile from a configure script shipped with a source code, and using --target powerpc-eabi
It's check my computer configuration in /usr instead of the devkitpro toolchain one. I got to edit the resulting Makefile to remove missing library that was detected on my computer and change the CC variable and co to powerpc-eabi-gcc manually...
can (and how) configure check configuration in $LIBOGC for *.h *.a and devkitppc/bin ?

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Re: configure script that matches devkitPPC ?
January 21, 2011 07:15AM
Try ./configure --host=powerpc-eabi --prefix=$DEVKITPRO_PATH/portlibs --libdir=$DEVKITPRO_PATH/portlibs/lib --disable-shared --enable-static
Re: configure script that matches devkitPPC ?
January 21, 2011 11:19AM
Cross compiling with configure scripts doesn't always work for all projects. So expect to fix a few things here and there depending on the project you are building.

I found that some projects are easier to build if you just dump configure and build a config.h by hand, and then a simple makefile that builds all C files.

I'll give you an example from my work, where we build linux software for PowerPC860:
mkdir -p powerpc
cd powerpc

CC=ppc_8xx-gcc \
LD=ppc_8xx-ld \
AR=ppc_8xx-ar \
STRIP=ppc_8xx-strip \
CFLAGS="-Os -Wall" \
../net-snmp-5.5/configure \
--with-cc=/opt/hardhat/devkit2.1/ppc/8xx/bin/ppc_8xx-gcc \
--with-ar=/opt/hardhat/devkit2.1/ppc/8xx/bin/ppc_8xx-ar \
--host=powerpc-linux \
--build=`gcc -dumpmachine` \
--prefix=$PWD \
--without-rpm \
--with-endianness=big \
--with-sys-contact="CONTACT" \
--with-sys-location="LOCATION" \
--with-default-snmp-version=2c \
--with-logfile="none" \
--with-persistent-directory="/var/snmp" \
--disable-applications \
--disable-manuals \
--disable-scripts \
--disable-debugging \
--disable-snmptrapd-subagent \
--with-cflags=-Os \
--without-openssl \
--enable-shared \
--disable-static \
--disable-mib-loading \
--enable-mini-agent \
--without-kmem-usage \
--without-opaque-special-types \
--disable-privacy \
--disable-libtool-lock \
--enable-ucd-snmp-compatibility \
--with-mib-modules="ucd-snmp/dlmod" \
This is for SNMP, which I don't think you'll need on the Wii. But it could serve as an example for you.

Note that I never managed to cross compile "tcpdump" with configure scripts. Some projects are just to broken to crosscompile this way.
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