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DevkitPPC on os X + Xcode

Posted by copete23 
DevkitPPC on os X + Xcode
July 01, 2011 04:02PM
Hi, lately I'm using OS X more than Windows, and I would like to know if anyone knows how to integrate devkitPPC in Xcode, I have not much experience with mac, so I do not really know how to do that.

Can anyone help me with this?

Re: DevkitPPC on os X + Xcode
July 01, 2011 07:04PM
Why not to use Virtual Box (or Parallels desktop) to install Windows as a virtual machine and then install Devikitpro?
Re: DevkitPPC on os X + Xcode
July 02, 2011 12:17AM
Well, I know, but if I can directly use Xcode (Now I work a lot with Xcode), it is more convenient than having to use a virtual machine, a copy of windows or having to create another partition, I think :)

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Re: DevkitPPC on os X + Xcode
July 02, 2011 03:03AM
Ok, I've figured out how to install it, I can already compile dol files using Xcode :D
If someone else wants to know how, tell me and I put it.

Re: DevkitPPC on os X + Xcode
July 02, 2011 05:21PM
Just put the instruction here so that if anybody wants to do it in the future we can point them to this thread.
Re: DevkitPPC on os X + Xcode
July 13, 2011 09:27PM
Sorry for the delay :) , this is what I have done to install devkitPPC on Mac, and use Xcode:

Note: I will use terminal to create the directories

1 - create the directory devkitPro in opt:
sudo mkdir -p /opt/devkitpro
sudo chmod 777 /opt/devkitpro  // is a public directory

2 - Download devkitPPC, libogc, and the rest of libraries that you need

3 - Create the directory devkitPPC, and install devkitPPC:
mkdir devkitPPC
cd devkitPPC
tar -xvjf  path  // NOTE: you can set the path by simply dragging the file. tar to the terminal

4- In devkitpro dir, create the libogc directory and instal it:
mkdir libogc
cd libogc
tar -xvjf  path

5- Now, on libogc install libfat-ogc:
cd libogc
tar -xvjf  path

For the rest of contents, such as examples of wii process is the same) create the directory examples / wii and gc.
For porte libraries, like pnglib, or jpglib, you need to create a "portlibs"directory in devkitPro dir.

6- Create a .Bashrc file at home directory on your Mac (no name, only .Bashrc) and set the paths:
export DEVKITPRO=/opt/devkitpro


1- create a new project with external buid system "other/ External Build System"

2- Now on the project do double clic on Targets, in build settings press + and adds the path of tevkitpro :D:


and that's all, :D, I hope that will be helpful;
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