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Network Library

Posted by scooter_seh 
Network Library
July 01, 2011 11:11PM
For my program I would like to download a txt or xml file of my server that contains info and I can't find a good example of how to do it. I also want to send files over the network and save them to the SD card or USB devise. Have an app on my PC that will send a file like a mp3 and then the Wii will save it to one of the devices. Thanks.

Re: Network Library
July 02, 2011 03:07AM
Do you know about BSD sockets? If you don't, here is a good tutorial [tutorial]. If you already know about socket programming, then sending a file isn't too much different than sending a text message. Instead of sending a string of text, you just use a pointer to a buffer containing your file. If you need an example of something similar, then make a simple program to download a website (Look at the http protocol, it isn't very difficult). This would also allow you to download that txt or xml from your server. Good luck.
Re: Network Library
July 02, 2011 03:53AM
@g_man are those the same sockets you use to make online multiplayer games?
Re: Network Library
July 02, 2011 04:08AM
I believe so, i've never made an online multiplayer game though.
Re: Network Library
July 05, 2011 09:32PM
An example with source: [wiibrew.org]
(Check out NetSend Example)
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