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GC/Wii Compatible libpng?

Posted by ArminTamzarian 
GC/Wii Compatible libpng?
January 04, 2009 02:20AM
I'm currently doing some development for the Wii, but to develop my programs I write and test them on a Gamecube emulator and then recompile/extend for Wii system/controls. Now this has been all well and good for the Freetype development that I've done thus far since there exists a compiled library for both the Gamecube and Wii.

However, since I'm looking to make the move into more graphics-based processing and would like to begin with the community-standard PNG support. Now, with the current release of devKitPro there is a Wii-specific release of libpng, however there is not a corresponding one for the Gamecube. So, to conclude my entirely too-long tale of woe - Does there exist a Gamecube-compiled libpng library so that I may continue with my development methodology?
Re: GC/Wii Compatible libpng?
January 04, 2009 02:38AM
You should be able to compile Wii binaries and run in emulators like Dolphin already.
You can't run it on your real Wii?
Re: GC/Wii Compatible libpng?
January 04, 2009 02:38AM
if you want you can reuse this package i prepared for scummvm and hbc:


Tremor rev 15592

the binaries are usable for gc and wii, there is no wii dependent code in it
Re: GC/Wii Compatible libpng?
January 04, 2009 03:18PM
Thanks GizmoTheGreen. Shows how up-to-date I am with the scene. Last time I checked Dolphin didn't have Wii support, but it looks like I have a new emulator to test under now other then gcube.

Thanks to you too dhewg. I'll probably go ahead and install those libraries into by build path in case I ever want to go back and make my code cross-platform compatible.
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