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Posted by maarten1337 
April 24, 2012 05:57PM
For school i need to create a small Wii game in vb.net that you can play on your pc.

they gave me this site to help me: Wiimote
All the buttons work fine but i am not able to use the IR camera

i use this code for inizialisation:

        Dim report As HIDReport = device.CreateReport()
        report.ReportID = &H13
        report.Data(0) = &H4

        Dim report2 As HIDReport = device.CreateReport()
        report2.ReportID = &H1A
        report2.Data(0) = &H4

        WriteData(&HB00030, New Byte() {&H8})

        WriteData(&HB00000, New Byte() {&H2, &H0, &H0, &H71, &H1, &H0, &H90, &H0, &H41})

        WriteData(&HB0001A, New Byte() {&H40, &H0})

        WriteData(&HB00033, New Byte() {&H1})

        WriteData(&HB00030, New Byte() {&H8})

if i ask the state it says IR camera is enabled

What do i need to do next to see a point on my screen that follows my moves?

can someone please help me?

thx in advance

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