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popen and pclose functions

Posted by joaopa 
popen and pclose functions
August 17, 2013 09:02PM

It seems we can not use popen and pclose functions. They are defined in stdio.h but when compiling one receives the message: undefined function 'popen'.

For example, the follwing simple code does not compile.
int MAXSTRS =5;
int main(void)
int cntr;
FILE *pipe_fp;
char *strings[MAXSTRS] = { "echo", "bravo", "alpha",
"charlie", "delta"};

/* Create one way pipe line with call to popen() */
if (( pipe_fp = popen("sort", "w")) == NULL)
return 1;

/* Processing loop */
for(cntr=0; cntr<MAXSTRS; cntr++) {
fputs(strings[cntr], pipe_fp);
fputc('\n', pipe_fp);

/* Close the pipe */


Any idea to bypass this problem?

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Re: popen and pclose functions
August 18, 2013 12:20AM
libogc does not support multiple processes.
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