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AnyRegion Changer 1.2

Posted by bg4545 
AnyRegion Changer 1.2
August 04, 2012 09:16AM
I have updated AnyRegion Changer to use AHBPROT so it will work on newer Wii's. I haven't been able to fully test it yet but changing the settings works for me. I'm not sure about installing the System Menu but I can do my own tests later. I was just hoping to get some others to test it and see if there's anything that doesn't work right. Of course if you're using this it's highly recommended that you have BootMii as boot2. This program is dangerous.

Download here: ARC-test.zip

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Re: AnyRegion Changer 1.2
August 04, 2012 02:56PM
Did you change the version(s) of SM it installs? Anyway, thanks for this, could be helpful for some people.
Re: AnyRegion Changer 1.2
August 04, 2012 08:53PM
Yes its supposed to install 4.1 but I'm not sure if it works yet.
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