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Posted by durda_dan 
March 10, 2009 01:09AM
i just picked up battle rage "the robot wars"
and right off the bat something seemed wrong, the menu was super choppy. we are making Homebrew games with better frame rate than a purchase product. i thought no..... maybe there is something wrong with my wii..
So i start up arcade mode.
i have 2 characters to choose from ash and thor.
both are horrendously ugly, but i chose ash because his character has a chainsaw.
and honestly i think even if i picked thor i would still hate this game!

The game is in a 3rd person awful camera angel. It's like the game purposely put the camera in this spot to annoy people. I tried pressing all the buttons to change the camera. you can't.

Now in a time where everything is destructable. you play tranformers for instance, which wasn't a great game, but least the environments had depth.

in batte rage the environments are piss-poor, nothing is destructable, so when your walking and you can't see your characters feet but you get stuck... it's probably an ankle high car stopping your giant mech!

all the characters look the same. like a template wireframe holding a gun awkwardly in a 90 degree angle in his hand. like an L shape. the characters all move very ...VERY choppy.
back to the levels. They are all short and small, 5 frags wins a level and then *without warning* a screen pops up stops everything and tells you the scores. which you actually need to read to see who wins because the game doesn't even tell you.

also you move so slowly that you usually die before you get an item,
the Melee attack by swinging the nunchuck only reads about half the time you swing the controller and even if it does read, you will still miss because your robot has terrible aim, and then using the lock on targeting still makes you miss.

the cursor both in the menu and during gameplay has a poor frame rate and doesn't move at the same time you do. the cursor i find is actually in the wrong spot. and you can't look at the sides of the screen without the cursor not being able to read the IR.
This game looks like it should have been released for n64. But even if it were released for n64 it would get a piss poor ranking. and to be released on the wii is just terrible AVOID THIS GAME. don't buy it, don't rent it, to burn it and play it's not worth anything.

I played this game once and turned it off.
and i leave you with a quote from IGN's review. "Battle Rage: Mech Conflict seems to be an experiment by Destineer and Data Design to ruin the reputations of battling mechs"

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