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z400100500 rants about the world

Posted by z400100500 
z400100500 rants about the world
April 12, 2009 06:44PM
im making too many topics some im going to group them up. join in if you want.

i need a target to vent at, and i've found it. a year ago, all of my friends played it, including me. now, we all quit it and our friend that still plays is level 107. goddammit! How do you lose your life like that?!?! He's said to me about 4 months ago "Garrett, i just got level 99 in hunting yesterday, and i got the skill cape too!" WHO CARES?!?!?!? He's paying to play too. screw that. runescape is for the weak-minded, and all my friends, and me, broke away. But he's still brainwashed. every time i try to give him something better to do (play on wi-fi, play battlefront over the internet, try to get him to play a different rpg), he asks me why should he stop. i go for "it's brainwashing you, subliminal messages, ur addicted, blah blah blah. be he says "is u and Tribes any different?" Yes, me playing starsiege tribes is different! In Tribes, you actually have to communicate with people, not just asking "wht's ur atk lv?" and he thinks im weird for NOT playing runescape. But i view it as the Dark Side. If you don't succumb, fine. but AJ is up to his not to high ears in "atk" "str" "def" "rng" "mage" "hp" "mem", and other abbreviations. i Do log on once in a while to talk to him and try to pry him away, but it never works. and whenever i log on, he's on. 3am? no problem. he doesn't have insomnia, yet he's up 24/7. i do, so my schedule looks like "6am:wake up, go to school 2:30: get home from school, go on wiibrew, then play games, call people, etc, etc 5pm: start making supper 7:finish cleaning up 7:30: check wiibrew again, read, etc 8:30-11:30: computer 11:30 go to bed. with him its get up play runescape, go to school, come home, play runescape, eat supper, play runescape, play wii, go to bed. he's losing it. i will edit this with more rants once i call him and yell at him, and read him this.

And here's the music rant:

Garrett: Nerd
Genre:Straight Edge, Hardcore Punk, Ska, not mainstream
Bands: Casey Jones, Liferuiner, Cheap Help, Bishop, Streetlight Manifesto, Catch 22, NOFX, Pat Benetar
Looks for in music: a message, catchy tunes, well composed

Popular kids:
Genre: mainstream out the ass!
Bands: Jonas Brothers, Dragonforce, NOFX, Ice Cube, other rappers
Looks for in music: excessive swearing for no reason, heavy ass, means nothing, talks about most drugs and how they're cool, composed like shit, and they HAVE to be popular and present an image, of, well, popularity. So no nerd will set foot at their concerts.

Real music is one that serves a purpose, not some big band that says "we need 6 more songs to make our next multi-million dollar album", real music is composed to be ear candy, not dragonforce more-repetitive-than-a-Dr.-Seuss-book shit. And real music most likely isn't mainstream, and it certainly isn't rap. if a genre meets any of these criterias, it's real. if not, it's just a money making scheme. some of the purest genres: Ska, Ska-punk, hardcore punk, straight edge punk, and ska-punk in the new wave sub-genre. that's most of the ranting for tonight; i burned most of my anger in that. next time it'll be an excerpt from a book im typing called "The Bane of Peace", well, that's the working title. no details yet! i know im a nerd to type my own book. I'm done with 4 chapters so far.

And this is the iPods suck rant. =p

u should probably use a nagging motherly tone to read my post: Kristopher! Don't associate with such trash. That will get you into trouble, drugs, and Dragonforce. Okay, drop the nagging voice. But really, iPods are horrible, and Apple is too, but they're the biggest company in the mp3 player industry, so no one knows any different. as my rant about the world sucking 3 months ago, a 2gb sansa fuze for 80 bucks is WAY better than any shit apple can shove out their ass. but apple has advertisement, and any company that makes quality products doesn't. here's my rubric for the fuze, then the ipod.....nano.

simple drag and drop software:
usb charging:video playback:

iPod Nano 4th generation:
horrid computer freezing, satanic, blasphemous, absolutely nasty, bloated software:
usb charging:video playback:

i can't imagine why i'd take the fuze. either you've put up with it because you had to, or southern people are as stupid as jokes portray them to be. Wait, no, that was mean, i know people in NC that are smart. And yes, i think anything south of Virginia is in the South.

And here's my oldest rant: Im posting the entire topic =)

Note: I continually refer to they. they are the popular kids, jocks, rich kids, and fat "i-feel-sorry-for-myself" kids

1. morbidly obese kids who won't run in gym class, and when you tell them to run, they get moany and say crap like im already tired. hmmmmm....maybe they're tired of walking to the parking lot because they're all 5'2 at 225. Blegh!
2. The economy. I mean, what the hell?, Bush screwed us over royally, "Lets spend lots o moo-lah on nuke-you-lur weaponry." I personally think we should all go solar in the next year, or we'll be extinct by 2099. And stocks are in the gutter. And school spending is in the gutter(although our math teacher got a 2K dollar SmartBoard at the beginning of this school year.).
3. Cellphones. I get made fun of in school because i don't have one. Why the hell would i need one? im not 16 so who cares. So fat chicks and stupid guys text answers to each other on their iPhones and verizon Dares. I blame the parents for giving them whatever they want, like this kid whose has stayed back twice in my grade, and he recently got a 50 inch tv for his bedroom. and they get the newest and greatest as soon as they come out. Smack em in the head and say"the 300$ phone is good enough".
4. iPods. similar to cell phones in the respect that they get the newest generation as soon as they come out. And the software for it sucks! I mean, you can get a cheap $80 mp3 player that has better software and a reasonably sized hard drive. in fact, that's what my older brother has.
(but he doesn't have his front teeth)

Then Arikado said:

Well Bush did screw up the american economy, Bush still did a far better job for the american economy than Obama will ever do. Dont even get me started on ranting about how the economic stimulus plan will bring about the end of the american economy and how socialism always fails. Blaming the war overseas is very ignorant on your part.

While I do believe we need to work towards more natural sources of energy, I also believe we should stay away from wind energy and move toward geothermal and (like you said) solar energy.

Over here (western NY), school spending is in the toilet because school buissnessmen ( and even the superintendants secretary) and school marketers are way overpaid. Private schools are slowly paving the way for the future of education as public schools continue to lose money.

Thats just my 2 cents though. Take it or leave it. I dont want to start an out of proprtion politics war.

Edit: I completely agree with your points about cell phones, ipods, and kids getting stuff they dont deserve.

Then DrLucky said:

any politician EVER trying to interfere with the economy is disastrous. It goes up and then down and then up and then down, and nobody knows why! politicians use economy and tax cuts to get people on their side......socialism is bad

we spend over 11 million dollars an hour in Iraq overseas... so it has something to do with it.

Then I said:

Arikado, i wasn't blaming the war overseas, simply the fact thst Bush DID authorize the construction of nucleur weapons. As for Obama, even though i may be extremely pro-democrat, i think Obama is going to choke us all to death wirh stimulus plans. And furthermore, small privately owned businesses(my parents both own one, my mom's annual income is 28K) aren't getting any bailouts, unlike CAT and the banks. Instead of slashing an execs pay from 10 million to 5 million, the execs plead for bailouts so they can continue their high cost lifestyles. And if we don't give them bailouts, which is the right thing to do, the execs lay off 5000 workers to keep their income steady.

Then pinball Wizard said:

I am not wanting to offend anyone here but realistically if any stimulus plan is to work it must give money to the bottom of the chain, not the top for a "trickle effect". Give money to the spenders and let it pay for these businesses. That is how it works. Not rich people getting money to spend. They are rich because they don't blow their money.

I personally don't have a cell phone and I am happy. I am tired of how people don't like calling anymore. How hard is it to pick up the phone to call someone. I do have an iPod but I paid for it myself not from my parents' money. That was my decision of my own money that I earned. It isn't the newest generation, even though the newest generation looks nice and I wouldn't mind having one I am happy with what I have. It functions just fine without problems, no reason to replace every year. I bought an iPod though instead of any old MP3 player because it isn't some one off product made by some way off company. I paid for the quality of the Apple brand (which I know is arguable to some people but to me it is better than anyone else. I know it is not built in the USA but at least it is designed in America. That is my feeling on the topic.

Then Arikado said:

My gripe with the war overseas is mainly that I'd rather waste money to protect our country then waste money for "economic recovery". Spending screwed up our economy, continued spending will only worsen it. Now that the stimulus bill has been passed, we are witnessing the beginning of the end for the American economy. I guarantee that the money will be handled inefficently (like the auto bailout money) and we will soon see Obama trying to pass another bill for more money for a plan that does nothing. I believe in "use a little money earn alot" and not "use a lot, lose a lot". However, in the name of protecting our country, I think the majority of government spending should go into the military.

Antoher thing about the war: In his campaign, Obama promised to bring our troops home (not something I agree with mind you). However, I just found out yesterday that one of my best friends (and also one of my best zombies) in the marines is getting shipped overseas for the first time next week.

As for mp3 players, I'd take one of SanDisks Sansa machines over an Ipod any day. Sansa's offer the same memory capacity and allow you plug in memory cards to expand their memory. Sansas also allow you to listen to fm radio and let you play a number of video formats (although I think some ipods have video support now too). Obviously, I'm overlooking the ipod touch in this argument, because the ipod touch owns every other device out there, but its also not technically an mp3 player.

Then the topic suggester Daniel Hueho said:

Uh, well, I know the last thing we want is boring political fight, but I need to disagree in some points with you, Arikado:

1. Obama is not acting as a socialist, and this stimulus bill is more than necessary at the moment... Of course, I agree some investments must be done outside the big spending companies, but this same companys have business over the entire world. The whole world's economy is extremely dependent of the USA economy. Without this bill, most groups will cut out (even more) their investments on the exterior, and the banks will raise (even more) their interest rates on the credit. The crisis started at America, and it's affecting all the world.
Also, even it looks unfair to give rich people more money, they are not "rich" people. They are banks. They keep your money.And they give credit to some big groups. They have lots of factorys, that employ people. The factories needs resources from other people. They produces stuff that need transport. The stuff need to be selled. Its all a big, economical chain. One break on the chain can screw up all.
I don't believe at pure liberalism, and the liberalism made companies spend as idiots. When all this mess get cleaned up, I fully agree with some kind of punishment to the rich executives. But for now, it's not feasible.
2. The war on the Iraq was, at least, poorly planned. What were the real gains for the States? AFAIK, the war just spended money and human lifes. And the people of Iraq are not living much better than with Saddam (thanks he is dead, none the less)... About "protecting" the country, Iran is still there. The war between Israel and Palestine is still there. Osama is still hidden. And talk about USA reputation in the world: definetely Bush screwed up, and now anti-americanism is probably strong than ever.

Fine... I'm not American. I don't live the same reality that you live. I don't agree with you, doesn't mean I disrespect. But Obama really looks as a change... He's certainly not a Superman. But is certainly a huge improvement.

Then Arikado said:

Daniel Hueho, I respect your opinion and I am glad you posted it. With that in mind, I intend to keep as peaceful a political discusion. However, theres a lot you said I dont agree with too.

The economy:

The American economy is in a downslide now from wasteful government spending. When the government spends wastefully, they raise taxes as well. Sales tax in NY state was .082% last I checked its even higher now (I'll figure out the exact numbers and post an edit). As the government increases taxes, citizens like me have no money to spend to better the economy. So as the government gains our money, the economy loses it. So now that we're in economic turmoil in the states, its more important than ever now to invest. Unfortunately, we have no money to do so.

The rich buisnessmen are the biggest investors, so if we tax them more heavily that will in turn discourage them from making more investments. With out thier investments, and the money of average citizen to be put into the economy, then how we can save ourselves? While rich people's taxes may go up, our common mans taxes certainly wont go down.

The economic stimulus plan is another waste of government money which will once again result in higher taxes for everyone. These things always do. Many parts in it promote government control in the health care and banking industires. The basic principle of socialism is government control over their economy. While I may be rash in making this connection: Communism is complete government control over their economy. As Karl Marx said, (something like) "Communism is the ultimatum of socialism". I'm 100% certain that no one can show me a stable communist government.

I have a capitalists point of view towards the economy. If the government stays out of the economy, the economy will take care of itself. If the auto industry fails, it will rise back up eventually. People are going to need cars sooner or later, right? Government jobs should be created for people in areas of public (government owned) property. Not in areas of cleaner energy (reffering to some of the jobs related to windmills obam plans to create with his economic stimulus plan) that will result in losses of money for energy companies.

In conclusion, stay away from your economy and let it stabalize itself. We need money to invest in it, not money to send to government for them to fail at saving it.

The war overseas:

Living 8 hours away from NYC, I remember being sent home from school early on 9/11. Everyones feelings were summed up as "nuke the motherf*******" that day. Everyone wanted to go to war. Many countries went to war with us.

After the capture of Saddam Hussein, I must agree with you that the war went downhill from there. It became poorly planned out, and a waste of time. No one has accomplished very much since then.

One thing I cant agree with is it being a waste of human life. Its a war, people are bound to die. There a casulties in war. Its a fact of war. Over here (and I know its very different in some other countries), if you choose to go into the military, you know that you're probably going to get sent overseas. So if you die, its ultimately your fault. But I'm gonna get off the human life subject, I'm beginning to sound like a sadist :p

While the war did hurt the economy (like every other war), Bush did many other things that hurt it too . In fact I never liked Bush very much at all. So, while the war did contribute to our poor economy, it really didnt contribute that much.

One other thing I really hate about Obama:

He supports abortion, but not stem cell research. Stem cell research is the only good thing that could ever come out of abortion (which I dont support btw). So to not support stem cell research at all scares me a little bit. Stem cell research opens up jobs, why the hell wouldn't you want it? It goes hand in hand with abortion. You almost have to support stem cell research if you support abortion to be considered a humane person.

Then I said:

the mp3 player i was talking about was indeed a SandDisk Sansa FUze. The memory is fine, the software is good, and it's easy to use, so that just reinforces the question "Why the hell is Apple hawking its mp3 players for $300 bucks when you can buy a fuze for $80?" I think if the average american consumer had any brains(which they don't), Apple, Sega, Jagex and Asus would be out of business right now.

And arikado, he supports abortion, yes, but he also wants to get stem-cell research back on track(or at least that's what i heard). That's one of the few things i like about obama; he may be a stupid unmoralistic b******, but he wants scientific development to continue. And if the scientists study hard enough, maybe they will find the answer to fix the economy, cuz god knows the government sure as hell won't. It'll stick it's s***-stained hands into the countries workings until they rename the country the Peoples Republic of America. As what that dude said Communism is the ultimatum of socialism. spend spend spend spend spend. All they ever do is spend. Oh, let's buy a presedential yacht and see how many presidents it takes until they sell it. it took 6, ending when Carter sold it.

Then Arikado said:

The sansa is better than the Zune, and better than the typical Ipod. However, its never going to be as good as the Iphone or Ipod touch. However, the sansa is so cheap, it really doesnt bother me to shell out the cash for it.

Then I said:

"I say to end the war we need to create a strain of Ebola that only affects middle easterns, and could live in water, quarintine iraq, and let it loose. All the towel heads would die, because we all need water eventually. And just give all the army troops water filters. done, zip nadah. go home.
Yop19 out."

I found this on a forum and that is so unmoralistic that I almost puked. EBOLA?!?! are u kidding me? if we let that out, we'd all be dead. We'd have created a zone of inhabitability 1000 miles diameter. Looks good at first, but if it mutates, end of the world.

Then DanielHueho said:

I need to admit, that thing with ebola made me actually smile because of the insanitiy of the post (I have this defect, to laugh about bad things X.X

Arikado, I see your point, still, by now, leaving the market to auto-regulate... Much of capitalism is about making profit. At the moment, without incentives, the company will just cut out their employees, cut out investments and etcetera, to keep their profit... But there is the point of taxes. If I just said "well, it's better pay more to the government than be unemployed", that would be extremely hypocritical. Here at the third world, you pay taxes as much someone at Sweden pays, and, well, public services are still horrible, roads are still crappy, everything it's just "forever to be done"... Badly applied taxes are a worldwide plague, I guess =P

About stem cell research and abortion... Well, sounds completely crazy that Obama supports the second, but not the first. I gonna google it (unfortunately, for general media here, Obama still is a "superman", so there is some stuff that don't show on international news)

Then Arikado said:

Abortion was illegal in America until the end of Obamas first week in office. Abortion is now completely legal and government funding of stem cell research has disappeared completely. He did it so swiftly it was easy to miss, and even the newscasters in America have greatly overlooked it.

The only thing Obama did that I like was his pay freeze on government members with salaries over $100,000. He did this on day one in office

Then I said:

ummmmm. OBAMA's pay is more than 100 grand. it's over 400 grand in fact. and he has a 50k expense account. So he froze other big players pay but not his own....im seeing a pattern here

Then Arikado said:

Hey, the less money those fat cats get, the better, right?

Then I said:

oh, they're still spending. Google Army executives luxury suites.

If u found the page i saw, army is worst cause of spending right now. They're developing lasers in 747s, the next gen bomber, just several costly, mostly ineffectual projects. Let's replace a bomber that works perfectly fine. Let's put a laser into a 747 and fry the arabians with lasers. This is just stupid spending.

And DanielHueho, you said "here at the third world". I'm kinda just wondering, but what country are you in?

Then Arikado said:

Lasers are a bad thing why? A bomber that can shoot planes out of the sky before the planes know the bomber exists is also a horrible idea (im kidding obviously)! Obviously better technology = fewer casulties. Heres an inside tip about the American military: Any research and/or development projects the public knows about were finished a looooong time ago.

Then DanielHueho said:

I don't like wars... This is really something I hate at this world, mainly because a lot of conflicts begin with stupid questions... For now, we have the Middle East, where people is forced to accept fanatic killers as they leaders, who just want power and fortune, lying in the name of a god... Terrorism is such something awful...

z400100500, I'm from Brazil.
Now a litle off-topic, but why exactly z400somemorenumbers? =P

Then I said:

well, i would have taken my user name as 400100500260026, but it wouldn't let me. The reason of all the numbers is

From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.Jump to: navigation, search
400100500260026 was an independent territory in the Gordian Reach consisting of sixteen planets ruled by G0-T0 droids.

In 3,946 BBY, a number of G0-T0 droids seceded from the Galactic Republic, cutting off HoloNet communications and blocking all traffic in and out of the sector. That same year, Supreme Chancellor Cressa organized a successful Republic effort to recapture the worlds.

In short. im a star wars fanboy. i shortened it so every body wouldn't talk about me as the number guy.

And Arikado, they're actually still testing the laser, codenamed ABL.

Then Arikado said:

What I said about it probably already being completed was mostly speculation (with a dab of conspiracy), mostly based on stuff in the past. Look at the A bomb for instance. It was in development before WWII ever even started, and even bigger bombs were already nearing completion when we dropped the A bomb on japan. I'm not a bomb nut or anything, I'm just saying that the public never knows about the biggest, baddest (, coolest) military research and development projects. Thats just my 2 cents though, take it or leave it.

I'm getting bored now, so i'll post the rest later. Rant all you want!

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Re: z400100500 rants about the world
April 12, 2009 07:00PM
you need a video to rant in..I wont read all of that!
Re: z400100500 rants about the world
April 12, 2009 07:41PM
Re: z400100500 rants about the world
April 12, 2009 08:46PM
yeah but my camera sucks! 15 sec videos only. damn thing was bought in 1998. i want to see someone re-type all of that. i typed it in 15 minutes so its not that hard to read. i copied and pasted the other rants, but the topic is typed.

In the words of Arikado: "Everyone was saying nuke the ***herf****s". yeah, that sums it up. but how about i just make a website that's all rants, and i use my friends decent cameras to do this. All the videos would be during lunch. ahahahahahaha. dayum, that's not a bad idea. i can edit out most of the sound afterwards. mesa gots a plan now!
Re: z400100500 rants about the world
April 19, 2009 11:57PM
Dont you have a blog z400100500?

Put it to use sometime. (Or use a service other than yahoo 360 so that the public can actually comment on your blog)
Re: z400100500 rants about the world
April 21, 2009 11:44PM
yes i do. But i'm too lazy. It won't remember me. But i might as well make yet another life journal page and fill that up too. Actually, ill start that right now. I haven't had internet for the past few days, so i now have some rather interesting word documents, if you know what i mean. But yeah, i'll probably be done by like, 1 in the morning, and ill post a link. But here's a rather short rant that i have for today.

]People suck at driving!
part 1 of a 3 part report

OK, we've all heard of L.A rush hour right? That's nothing compared to this: Indian traffic cam

Now, if you spent the time to watch it and read the comments, you'd notice stuff like "If all drivers in America were that considerate and not total assholes cooped up in their own little world, we'd never have to worry about accidents." BUT NO! Everyone's got a cell jammed in their ear, putting their makeup on, and driving with their knee. Stupid, incompetent FUCKS!!!! Now, i recall an article from Popular Mechanics a couple of months ago concerning this issue. This is the link: Does a High-Tech Highway make us less safe? If you read that, then you'd know that Spain, which is abound with traffic circles and squares, has a much lower accident than US (pun intended...kinda). And that's because, if you drive like we do, you'd be dead REALLY quick. Eh, that's all i have for now, cuz i have to go install Moonshell on my DS. I'm kinda juggling DS and Wii homebrew right now. that cat_san_modder dude's post made me interested and i got an EDGE DS card, and it's cool. DS Doom, anyone?

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 04/21/2009 11:45PM by z400100500.
Re: z400100500 rants about the world
April 22, 2009 02:47PM
ok... That video of India DOES prove a point about drivers being nice. But it is obviously sped up. They are actually going much slower! SO that isn't too difficult. We don't have traffic signals por people walking around in a mall.
Re: z400100500 rants about the world
April 22, 2009 10:52PM
yes i know it was sped up, but the point is not a single accident occured. but if that happened, in say, LA, we would see a significant drop in population. And if you read the PM article, you'd see that most other countries have a lower accident rate. But i think that there should be a law that says if a person is caught driving with a cellphone, an officer can shove the phone up the orifice of their choice. and left there. But that's mean, so we should just make it harder to get licenses.
Re: z400100500 rants about the world
April 22, 2009 11:07PM

It's really hard to comment on your rants after seeing your picture on facebook ... lol.


But i think that there should be a law that says if a person is caught driving with a cellphone, an officer can shove the phone up the orifice of their choice. and left there.

Nah, If their repeat offenders just cut out their tongue so they can't talk anymore.
Re: z400100500 rants about the world
April 26, 2009 10:42PM
erm, scanff, that picture is like 3 years old. My hair isn't like that anymore. But i would like to see a soccer mom get a BIG ASS Blackberry shoved up her knot lol. serves them right. and i'll save my rants for my new site as of now.

Hehe, i wasn't posting for the past few days cuz i was working on my site. and playing SA:MP. o freakin well. AND AND AND i now shit golden bricks =p
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