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RPGmaker 2003

Posted by dan3008 
RPGmaker 2003
April 21, 2009 02:27AM
ok, considering my last topic this may seem wierd. Is there any way for making a loader that could load RPGmaker 2003 games off of the SD card? the files it uses (when RTP is included) are


XXXX= game name

or after setup.exe has been run there is
several folders with all graphics in PNG format
a .lum for each map
and RPG_RT.exe (load to run the game)

Is there anyway of getting this to play via the homebrew channel. I have looked and cant find a way myself so i am asking for help.

If you need any further information please feal free to ask. I will try and get all the information i can for you.

Forgot to mention the controles
the arrow keys (to move) (input values D=1 U=4 L=2 R=3), space bar (input value 5) esc (input value 6) and can also use shift, the numbers and symbles.

so realy there is only 6 nessasary inputs that could be made to be the analog stick/dpad (arrow keys) A/C button (space bar) and B/z button (esc)

hope that helps, atleast a bit.

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Re: RPGmaker 2003
April 21, 2009 04:15AM
RPGMaker is closed-source. Unless Enterbrain releases a Wii port fo the engine, there's no way to load a game.
Re: RPGmaker 2003
April 21, 2009 03:22PM
i just wonderd if there was a way that the wii could read it and if there was an app that could make the mae think that the wii remomte was a keyboard.
Re: RPGmaker 2003
April 21, 2009 09:00PM
No, its impossible.
Re: RPGmaker 2003
April 22, 2009 10:25AM
damn. ahwell. I'll find a way of making a game some way or another. I have tried C++ and i just cant get my head around it. Any ideas what might work anyone?

how about if i could get the source code for the maker and the game. If it is in C++ could i get it to work then?

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Re: RPGmaker 2003
April 22, 2009 11:16AM
ok, i have the source code for the RPG_RT.exe, will i need anything else? (i even have it in C++).
How can i make it a .dol and how do i change the input do that it accepts the wii remote instead of a keyboard. I know the C++ will work on the wii i just need to know how to get it working
Re: RPGmaker 2003
April 22, 2009 01:27PM
maby just a stab in the dark but if i could wright the RPG_RT as C++ would that work? and then i cold change the controle input.
Re: RPGmaker 2003
April 22, 2009 06:49PM
First, RPG Maker from Ascii is closed source. Unless you legally have access to their code, is completely illegal to do a port for Wii.

Second, if you want so badly to do RPGs on Wii, check this open-source engine:

Finally, doesn't matter what you will do, porting a PC app to the Wii is much more than just adding Wiimote support. It's hard, complex, yadda yadda yadda. I hope you give your best shot, but don't get too excited.
Re: RPGmaker 2003
April 24, 2009 12:32AM
ok, first off, this is the enterbrain RPG maker. They released the code for this one a while back when they discontinued it. (thats how i got it).

secondly, ok, looked at that. How do i port the games from OHRRPGCE onto the wii then? will i have to look at the games source code and tranpose it to work withthe wii. If so i'm not that good. but thatnks for the help.
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