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Posted by Muzer 
August 04, 2008 08:37PM
Hi all, someone requested I post here when I update it, so don't delete this thread please.

Please see [forum.team17.com]


A while back, I found this quick quote button on the opera wiki (http://operawiki.info/CustomButtons) that let you quickly select text in a thread and click the button and it appeared in the QuickReply box in quote tags. You could do it more than once, the quotes would always appear at the end. However, there was one problem: It only worked in phpBB forums.

However, after a few small modifications I finally managed to get it to work in this forums. I am aiming for 100% compatibility not only in the main section with quick reply, but also in the post reply screen on those forums that list the posts below the box.

It now also works with Firefox.

Anyhow, it should work with most forums with a quick reply function, or with posts below the add reply box.

Here is the button. Installation is simple on both browsers.
Go to This page. On that page are two links. Find the one under "Opera" and then click + drag that link onto any toolbar.
Go to This page. On that page are two links. Find the one under "Firefox" and then click + drag that link onto a toolbar that accepts bookmarklets (as this is a bookmarklet and not an extension, you cannot install it on ordinary toolbars, only the one with bookmarks on it).
Internet Explorer
I have not yet ported this to IE, but you can expect it soon.

List of known working forums:
Team17 forum (quickreply and post reply)
Retro gamer (the forum only has post reply)
Opera community forum (the forum only has quickreply on the same screen as posts)
Digital Spy forum (only quickreply tested)
ABXY (forum only has post reply)
NTSC-UK (only QR tested)
computerhelpforum.org (Only QR tested)
Team17.tk (Only QR tested)
Zetaboards including Piezone (only QR tested)

List of known broken forums:

1.0: 10th May '08 12:47: Code released
1.1: 10th May '08 18:55: Updated to maintain compatibility with forums that don't use the activate_qr function (ie all non-VB forums)
1.2: 13th May '08 18:28: Now officially supports the post reply screen of forums (although it did with some since version 1.1), but now it also works with those post reply screens where the posts are listed in an iframe (so long as the posts are in the last iframe element on the page, and no text is selected outside of the iframe. This also means if you don't select any text and there isn't an iframe it no longer gives you empty tags)
2.0: 15th May '08 21:00: Based on new code, located here (the one right at the bottom, Quote+), which has much more features including partial style support and on some forums name support. Since I've added some of my own code in it should have the same compatibility rate as the old one, plus extra compatibility from the new base. NB: New download link! I've also merged the names, it is now called QuickQuote+.
2.1: 18th June '08 18:00: It was impossible to install under 9.5 (but it still worked if you had it installed before hand). This is now fixed.
2.2: 19th June '08 18:56: Added support for NTSC-UK (by not calling qr_activate if the textarea is enabled) and computerhelpforum.org (by adding its own code to unhide the Quick Reply box)
2.3: 19th June '08 19:54: Added support for styles in iframed posts, previously the style wouldn't be added.
2.4: 22nd July '08 18:15: Added [ code] tag support for forums which use (such as this one)
2.5: 3rd August '08 20:55: Added team17.tk support (by setting a specific style attribute if it detects the general QR activate/deactivate script used in computerhelp forum but cannot call the specific script)
2.6: 4th August '08 16:57: FireFox support. This version is very similar to the Opera one, and so will be updated in parallel. All the features should work (but I didn't have time to test them, so just report here if there are any bugs or omissions).
2.7: 4th August '08 19:25: Firefox only bugfix: A certain group of forums which worked in Opera failed in Firefox because I had some redundant code which doesn't like Firefox.

Please note that I may or may not post here when I update it again, so please go to my project's "homepage" for updates.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 08/04/2008 08:38PM by Muzer.
Re: QuickQuote+
August 06, 2008 11:07PM
It would be nice to include the user that you are quoting in the quote.
Re: QuickQuote+
August 07, 2008 08:39AM
I think it also should be hard... but it would be nice.
Re: QuickQuote+
August 07, 2008 10:21PM

I think it also should be hard... but it would be nice.
Yeah it would be alitttle harder to do.
Re: QuickQuote+
August 15, 2008 07:42PM
It is hard, but I'll try. It is made easier with Opera's excellent Dragonfly debugger.
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