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USB 3.0 Support

Posted by without 
USB 3.0 Support
June 04, 2009 09:30AM
Considering SDHC support has been achieved with homebrew as well as Nintendo's official firmware, would it be possible to potentially achieve USB 3.0 support eventually? Or is it a completely different situation? I was under the impression that USB was controlled by Starlet and not a dedicated chip, so it sounds possible to me, but I don't really know what I'm talking about.

Sorry if this is straightforward and I sound like a retard, or something. Thank you for your time.
Re: USB 3.0 Support
June 04, 2009 05:58PM
USB 2.0 was achieved by cIOS, so obviously if 3.0 ever apears it'd be by cIOS
Re: USB 3.0 Support
June 05, 2009 04:31AM
I see.

Well, I just realized it doesn't matter anyway since the SuperSpeed bus requires additional pins. Bummer.

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Re: USB 3.0 Support
June 05, 2009 06:34AM
USB3.0 would require a new chip.
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