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Question About the Rules

Posted by WaxyPumpkin72 
Question About the Rules
July 25, 2009 03:22AM
On the main page, there are giant red letters that say Discussion of WADs, Backups, and ROMS is NOT ALLOWED! NO PIRACY!, yet for some reason, countless topics have been made regarding ROMs. Why is this? In this situation, the guy got banned. Now, if someone made a topic like this, I doubt they'd be banned. I'm not trying to make anyone mad or anything, I'm just curious. Any responses are appreciated.

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Re: Question About the Rules
July 25, 2009 05:24AM
strongfan was a special and sad case.

He used to spam the forum with the "Yarr Yarr" Lazy Town "You are a Pirate" Song XD
Probably someone other than me can explain you that better...

Anyway, yeah, this title maybe is a little misleading. We can't talk how and where download ROMs (legal reasons, actually) (also, in that topic, strongfan actually posted a link, probably was removed by Tona), nor we will talk about using warez loaders (because they are mainly used for pure piracy), but we can talk about how run ROMs with emulators, because... Damn, there's so MUCH stuff about emulators, warez and moral at the forum, the short story is: emulators are hard to program and can improve your gameplay, so they are tolerated more or less here. Exactly what warez loaders isn't.
Re: Question About the Rules
July 25, 2009 05:31AM
Hmm, okay, thats kind of odd. Maybe the misleading link should be changed? Just take out the "ROMs" part, maybe? Because there are TONS of topics talking about ROMs, so i think that should be changed. As a matter of fact, I'll go make a request in the Feedback and Support section.

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