JP NinCh v4 Gecko debug(resolved)
August 23, 2009 01:40AM
Could someone run JP NinCh HATJ v4(latest HATJ), goto DS Download Service and begin a download, then send me a USB Gecko debug dump?(I broke v3 dl list format, but this csdata.bin seems to be split into several lists, so dumps of the downloaded URLs are needed.)(Latest Gecko OS can launch channels with the debug patch. My PC is too far away from my Wii for a USB Gecko.)

This has been resolved. NinCh v4 was broken by patching HATE to use http and capturing the HTTP GET request.

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Re: JP NinCh v4 USB Gecko debug dump
August 23, 2009 11:09AM
I have a USBGecko but how would I go about doing a debug dump?
Re: JP NinCh v4 USB Gecko debug dump
August 23, 2009 06:59PM
Just run the latest Gecko OS, launch JP Nintendo Channel, with USB Gecko connected to Wii/PC. Of course you'll need a JP Wii with JP NinCh. I've been attempting to get HATJ running on US/EU Wiis. Normally when you run HATJ with the country code and language set to JP and Japanese, on a US Wii, HATJ would attempt to download /4/JP/en/csdata.LZ, which does not exist. The HATJ main dol can be patched so the language code array is all ja, but more needs done for it to work. It downloads csdata.LZ, but then stops and throws error 262000. It may be possible to work around this, but I haven't tried it with a fake-sign enabled IOS55. Basically you'd change the console area field in a fake-signed csdata.LZ, with no WC24 header for encryption. I tried this, but HATJ now uses IOS55, need to use Dop-IOS... This will only work if there is no region check; if it would exist, it would check if the system console area is set correctly for the J region.
Re: JP NinCh v4 USB Gecko debug dump
August 23, 2009 07:07PM
Sorry, I used to have JP shop channel but I changed it.
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