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My little trip from Nintendo (For those of you concerned about sending your Wii's to Nintendo)

Posted by ICEing 
I recently sent my Wii to Nintendo for some repairs. They had to clean and replace the disc drive (or whatever device is called that reads the discs.) I told them on the phone (being honest) that I modded my Wii an have the Homebrew Channel. They guy said its no prob and they will fix it. Today I just got my wii back. It was on 3.4 and now is on 4.1 (not surprising) But I WAS able to re-download the Homebrew Channel no problem. I had bootmii installed as boot2 before I sent it in and that still works (im currently backing up the NAND to my SD card as I type this.) Th ONLY thing that does NOT seem to work is the DVD features. I can no longer play DVDs. I tried loading it usuing the CE Media player latest version. Maybe somethings wrong with the program? Who knows. I even tried re-downloading DVDX. However my Wii does sound different loading my games. Smooth-sounding and faster. Maybe when they repaired it they somehow removed the ability to play DVDs. I really dont care however I can live without it. If someone does know a way to fix it, by all means let me know though.

In short, sending the Wii to Nintendo is OK. Everything works fine except for the DVDX so far. :)
Thanks for that information. I appreciate it. :D
I do find it AWESOME that the guy said thats its not a problem that you had HBC. Thats a good sign. :)
Out of curiousosity, what country do you live in? I just want to know if they might have different policies where you live......
Re: My little trip from Nintendo (For those of you concerned about sending your Wii's to Nintendo)
September 04, 2009 10:14PM
Regarding DVDX: It sounds like the new DVD Drive they gave you might be a D3-2 Wii DVD Drive. Those drives are unable to read any DVDs that are not official Nintendo Wii DVDs.

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Arikado - is it physically impossible or is it just a software restriction? It seems to me that that could be eventually bypassed in a future version of DVDx.
Re: My little trip from Nintendo (For those of you concerned about sending your Wii's to Nintendo)
September 04, 2009 11:56PM
It's the upgraded hardware preventing the software from working correctly.

Most likely, a special version of DVDX will have to be drafted up for Wii's stuck with this drive. That's not going to happen though until the market becomes more saturated with the D3-2 drive so hackers can get their hands on them.

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Ah yes, I think they replaced your drive with one of the new ones, that are said to be unmoddable!

I read and bookmarked something about that a few days ago: [wiinewz.com]

It's said that Drivechips don't work with it anymore, but that the Drivechip manufacturers will most likely release a new, working version of their devices soon.

I didn't know that Homebrew like DVDX was affected as well! I hope there is a way to fix that for you guys with the new drives. :(

Nintendo won't stop trying eh?
Nothing is unmoddable, NOTHING!
Sorry about the 2 similar topics guys my comp froze up when posting one so I didnt see this one when I re-made the other one.

But as for the DVD X It works completely fine now. It was actually the disc I used that was screwed up :)

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