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What some people will do to make a wii buck.

Posted by dirtrider73068 
What some people will do to make a wii buck.
December 24, 2009 05:37AM
We have these posting here in my state on craigslist, there is the video gameing section, and these people are unreal. I had actually emailed one before here to update mine and add more games, but since then I am glad I haven't. (this is not meant to start a big debate or struggle, but to point out that there are people out there that don't know how bad they are)
I know I am real glad I have found the forum here I have learned alot more than I have searching google.

hey there craigslisters, it's (name removed) here offering another great deal for anyone needing to get their wii modded but don't have the cash due to the holidays!
What i offer today is my premium package deal for a nintendo ds lite or dsi prefered (the ds lite has to come with accessories), what that means is for your dsi or ds lite i will fully mod your nintendo wii to beable to play backup wii games and oldschool nintendo games you know and love, my modds are 100% safe and done only with a sd card and my computer, the process itself can take up to two hours but mostly one, and once finished will beable to do as follows:
play backup wii games
play backup wii games on a external harddrive
dvd player
old school video game systems like nes, snes, n64, gameboy, gameboy color, gameboy advance, and sega genesis
homebrew apps
homebrew games

the list keeps going and going, and not to mention as for the special trade the first person to call with a dsi will get 740 snes games, 50 plus nes games, 10 gba games, and 5 wii games with their wii mod! Please feel free to call or text me any time and leave a message with your name and number and i will get back to you as soon as possible and you can always see how the mod works out yourself by setting up appoinment to come over and taking a look at my wii just to make sure its what you really wanted. I am pleased to say i have had a 100% success rate and plan to keep it that way, i do any system version even the dreaded new 4.2u's! Hopes this helps and happy holidays!

p.s. have decided to accept other electronics( psp, ps3 games looking for call of duty modern warefare 2) never hurts to ask! btw my cell is
Re: What some people will do to make a wii buck.
December 24, 2009 06:15AM
hey, if you've got a skill set, sell it. Some people don't have the skills or patience to learn how to do it for themselves so why not offer to "trade" for your service.

If he was JUST selling the homebrew stuff, then yeah, he's a dirtbag, selling stuff that he didn't make that one can get for free... but he's selling his time and skills in actually doing the work. some folks would rather pay someone to do the work than bother learning how...

Granted he's gonna do illegal stuff so that puts him in the bad pile... but other than that, he's just offering his services to those who want it.
Re: What some people will do to make a wii buck.
December 24, 2009 02:09PM
Honestly, some people would rather not touch any sort of "techie" thing at all. Having to put specific files with cryptic names (AKTN? boot.elf?) on their SD card is something they'd rather not do.
Re: What some people will do to make a wii buck.
December 25, 2009 07:44PM
exactly mdbrim, people like this guy, DON'T anger me, because they don't sell the software, they are merely selling their services. I can't say I'm not guilty of this. I also always make sure I make it clear that when people pay me for something like that, they are not paying for the software, just my services in installing the software, I always direct them right to where they can get the stuff themselves. I also teach them a little bit as I'm doing it. In my experience, they usually pick it up and start doing it for themselves, because I taught them how to, when I did it for them.
Re: What some people will do to make a wii buck.
December 28, 2009 03:09AM
I find these guys all the time on Craigslist here in the sticks of Cantookie... (Kentucky...)

The first guy, huh? Why not sell them the rom sets as well? (that was sarcasm...)

You are right about skills, but this is quite shameless as well as it aids in illegal backups. *sigh*
Re: What some people will do to make a wii buck.
December 31, 2009 01:22AM
Thats the same thing as charging someone to reload their PC because of viruses and spyware and cache and things of that nature. People just don't know how to do it or don't have the required tools, and most likely you have paid them to do something for you somewhere, something you didn't know how to do. It is just like bartering in the old days. A metal worker would make a plow for a farmer for some milk and eggs, the farmer has no metalworking skills and the metalworker has no farming skills and neither has the equipment required to do each others task, money just makes the trading more versatile.
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