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C++ programing help

Posted by spas87 
C++ programing help
January 20, 2010 04:03PM
Hi I own a Wii and I just installed Homebrew channel on it and i enjoy the small programs. Ok the reason of the post is that I will need some help or just some pointers. It will be useful to say what you guys use to program I have c++ knowledge mainly I have not done any graphical programing except some simple qt4 applications. I have seen two developing tools devkitARM and devkitPPC. What will I need to make simple c++ programs to run by the Homebrew Chanel as compilers, libraries etc.
Re: C++ programing help
January 20, 2010 04:27PM
devkitARM is mainly for DS, Wii homebrew runs on the Wii's PPC processor, so you use devkitPPC. Anyway, devkitPro is what you need. It includes both devkitARM and devkitPPC, as well as a load of other libraries and code samples.
Re: C++ programing help
January 20, 2010 09:55PM
devkitPRO lets you choose which of it's three branches you want to install.

devkitARM is for DS.

devkitPSP of PSP.

devkitPPC for Wii.

Obviously, you should be sure to install at least the devkitPPC branch.

In short, devkitPPC is basically a huge library which contains all of the functions you need to program anything on the Wii from text programs to 3D ones.
Re: C++ programing help
January 24, 2010 03:05AM
In addition to the devkitPPC we still need a C++ compiler, correct? Is there a recommended open-source/shareware/PD compiler that is more recommended? My Borland TurboC++ was on 5-1/4" discs, so I need to start new (I told you in a different thread that it has been a LONG while since I coded more than data manipulation for work!)

Does anyone have a tutorial site/video to bring newbie Wii Programmers up to speed? Once I see the whole process a time or two I can take off and run on my own, but when I was coding C it was on a mainframe system at the college and we didn't have to create the make files or anything else to get our compiles.

DaveP in Ohio
Re: C++ programing help
January 24, 2010 04:49AM
Re: C++ programing help
January 24, 2010 05:12AM
I'm downloading that now, just have to see if I can update the compiler as I am running Windows 7 as there was mention that there were issues with it on Vista.

---added: It seemed to compile the skeleton Win32 app OK.

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Re: C++ programing help
February 02, 2010 06:46AM
If you need help on the basics of wii programming, goto codemii.com, there are some great tutorials there.
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