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Thank you! (Geohot related)

Posted by jlenoconel 
Thank you! (Geohot related)
July 14, 2010 11:40PM
To all those who have contributed to the wii homebrew community. I know sometimes the fans don't seem so grateful and maybe a little demanding but I just wanted to express my appreciation to those who do so much to make the wii a great console.

The reason I am expressing these feelings is because Geohot, who was the big PS3 hacker who quit the scene today. I am really very disappointed in this guy because he has done more to hinder the PS3 homebrew scene than help it. I have a PS3 as well as a Wii and I was waiting for the system to become moddable and it looked as if things were starting to look up once the exploit for the system was found. Well, as most of us here probably know, Sony removed the Other OS feature in response to Geohot's apparent hack. In turn Geohot promised to release a custom firmware to bypass the Other OS removal once the user updated. Well, we all waited months and months for this guy to release something and then nothing... until today. He basically announced his retirement from the homebrew scene without as much as a release for the custom firmware he promised, and now personally I am left with a PS3 I cannot update because I do not want to lose the Other OS feature.

My theory is that someone, probably Sony, offered him money to do work for them, or something along these lines, so he has basically turned to the dark side (meaning he is a traitor to the homebrew community). I am writing this because I want to express my gratitude to everyone on this forum, who does contribute to the homebrew scene, and are genuinely contributing and creating great software for our systems instead of trying to take glory for their "work" as Geohot appeared to be doing. I will continue to support this forum and anything that comes out for the wii as far as homebrew software. That's all I had to say really :)
Re: Thank you! (Geohot related)
July 14, 2010 11:54PM
I can think of 2 other options:
1, Geohot actually did make a custom firmware to keep Other OS but didn't release it because he felt like "noobs" weren't worthy and he wants someone else to take what he has provided and do it themselves.
Or 2, it's all total BS and he never really created a CFW and only made a string edit to fake the video "proof". He just wanted the attention and glory but when he couldn't do it he made up the whole story.
Re: Thank you! (Geohot related)
July 15, 2010 12:44AM
Well people have said that what he did was fake but I am not so sure. I think what he did was run some code and basically scratched the surface of the PS3's security, and blew it all out of proportion, made a bunch of promises, and then nothing. I am glad I have stuck with my wii for homebrew because it has been brilliant and there hasn't ever been any false hope or anything like that as far as emulators and such. I do think Geohot was looking for glory though otherwise he wouldn't have appeared on CNN and all those shows. I admire the real coders and innovators, like the ones on this board and in the general homebrew scene, that really don't look for or get recognition, but are nothing short of brilliant. Hopefully one day the PS3 will be able to run homebrew, but for now we are stuck, and my PS3 will have to stay on its current firmware if I wish to use Linux.
Re: Thank you! (Geohot related)
July 15, 2010 10:38PM
There's a reason he is nicknamed egohot.

Anyway, I'm sure one day the PS3 will be hacked, but I'm pretty sure I read someone say that his "CFW" was actually incredibly easy to do and required only changing a little bit of the OFW, but I can't remember who it was or where...
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