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P.A.X Seattle 2010

Posted by scanff 
P.A.X Seattle 2010
September 05, 2010 08:33AM
Hey all,

Been spending the last couple of days at PAX in Seattle. Very cool, and my favorite gaming show. I decided to start a photo album with all the interesting people I met. I started putting them together so if anyone is interested they are on my blog - [scanff.com]

Comments, requests are welcome :)
Re: P.A.X Seattle 2010
September 05, 2010 12:32PM
Hey I've also been at PAX! Interested in meeting up Sunday and saying hi to each other?
Re: P.A.X Seattle 2010
September 06, 2010 02:19AM

I wanted to be there, but no can do.

Did you see the Reach Panel? :)
Re: P.A.X Seattle 2010
September 06, 2010 03:08AM
I absolutely adore your pictures (and the captions - lol), it's so awesome that you're there. I dont have any specific questions: Just wondering though: What have you had the most fun checking out (besides booth babes -- that would be my answer ;p)?
Re: P.A.X Seattle 2010
September 06, 2010 07:43AM

sorry I just got internet access. Would have been cool to meet someone from the hb scene.


No did not see it. The MS area was crazy they had the kinect there (which is stupid). I'm actually not a big fan of halo either. I would totally recommend PAX Seattle to you though. I've been to E3, GDC, Consumer electronics and E4 in the past few years and PAX is by far the best!


Yeah best part was booth babes or just the random hot chicks in dress. My favorite was a very pretty girl dressed as the fifth element.. I didn't have my camera with me though, I think my friend took a pic I'll ask him for it and post some more when I have a chance.

I was working at a booth so did not get too much time to check out everything. I checked out dragon age 2 and can't wait for it!!! Was great. I also spoke and had an interesting conversation with the guys who made "And Yet It Moves" on wiiware. The game was interesting but in my opinion it was no better than what we've got here in homebrew, so I guess why pay for it :P

Nintendo also had a large area that I browsed but nothing that wow'd me. I don't get excited by Wii stuff unless it's homebrew :)

Overall I love PAX the people who attend make the show what it is. It's all GREAT fun !!! I'd recommend this show to you all!
Re: P.A.X Seattle 2010
September 08, 2010 06:59PM
scanff, does that mean you work in the game industry? What booth were you at?

As a homebrewer, of course I'm a fan of indie games, so I'd recommend checking out the following:

1) The PAX 10 (10 best indie games as chosen by PAX). Some of these games are even free (like the DigiPen student projects).

2) In(die)credible! The best new indie games you haven’t played.

3) Monaco - winner of the IGF (Independent Games Festival).

4) Spy Party
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