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Buyin' Brick

Posted by Magil 
Buyin' Brick
October 18, 2010 01:46PM
I dunno if it's appropriate to talk about it here, but then again... there aren't that many other options that seem appropriate enough. So, here goes:

I'm looking for a bricked Wii. Sure, some of the sarcastic among you will think: "why not brick yer own Wii", and others will simply say "just google it". And while bricking my own Wii is stupid, and I did google with little relevant results, I would rather put this out so that if somebody would casually find something about it, to link me so I can check it out. So, yeah... I'm looking for a cheap full bricked Wii, with a vulnerable boot1.

If this is by any means inappropriate, feel free the send it to the Junkyard. But I really don't know where else to look or ask for help, since many people with bricked Wiis tend to buy a new one and sell their old one for parts, or dismantled and with missing crucial pieces.

Anyways... if anyone here reads this and has recently seen something that fits within this description, feel free to post a link. Or if you read this and are looking to unload your own bricked Wii, do please tell. I'm only looking for ONE bricked Wii for now, but I might look for one sometime later in the future.
Re: Buyin' Brick
October 18, 2010 04:04PM
It's not a weird request at all. Especially considering how cheap it is to fix a bricked Wii than buy a new one.

Bricked Wii's seem to sell for around $20-$30 on eBay so that's probably your best bet unless someone here can give you a better offer.
Re: Buyin' Brick
October 18, 2010 04:04PM
LOL may I ask why you want them for? Did you just buy a ROM flasher and you want to revive dead Wiis? :)

I think I will brick my Wii now so I can sell it.... err, not :)
Re: Buyin' Brick
October 18, 2010 09:55PM
Yeah you should try eBay; I've actually been looking for a cheap fixer-upper Wii myself but have not had any luck yet.
Most of the Wiis you find on there are either "disc read errors", "it doesn't power on", or "there's no video output". You probably wouldn't be able to find out if it had a vulnerable boot1 unless you ask what the serial number is.
Re: Buyin' Brick
October 18, 2010 11:12PM
Yeah, I've tried eBay on that matter. And while the cheapest Wii's are the one's with Disc Read Error's (found one for 20 bucks), the replacement DVD drives go for up to 40-60 bucks, which is a bit too much for a purchase. And no, I don't have any means to revive any dead Wiis... yet. I do plan on getting to know the Wii on a more hardware related level though.
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