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Connecting Wiimote to Windows 7 with MS stack

Posted by mcindafizzy 
Connecting Wiimote to Windows 7 with MS stack
November 07, 2010 01:14AM

I am writing a program through Wiiuse that works with Wiimotes. Currently I am using the MS stack in Windows 7 to connect the Wiimotes but I'm having an issue:

If I don't have the device paired and installed on Windows, then I can go through "Add Device..." and correctly pair a Wiimote with Windows 7. However, if I turn off the Wiimote, then turn it back on and stick it in discovery mode, Windows 7 never re-connects.

To connect a Wiimote for a 2nd time, I have to manually remove the device from my list of bluetooth devices, then re-add it like I did before.

For my needs this is unacceptable, I need to be able to connect, dis-connect, and re-connect Wiimotes without going through the bluetooth device wizard.....can anyone shed some light on this? like how to get it working the way I want it to, or propose a different stack that you are sure can offer this functionality and will work with Windows 7?


Re: Connecting Wiimote to Windows 7 with MS stack
November 07, 2010 01:02PM
Yeah, MS Stack is rubbish. I too have been trying this recently, and had similar results. I couldn't even get the remote to stay connected properly the first time. Other stacks are apparently better. WIDCOMM is meant to be good, as is BlueSoleil, and Toshiba. But BlueSoliel costs a lot, and the others only work with specific devices.

Most annoying thing for me is that WIDCOMM DOES work with my device, but I can't find the original driver anymore, so I'm using the Microsoft "Generic Bluetooth Driver", which works, but the WIDCOMM stack doesn't work with that driver :(
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