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Caanoo Vs. Wiz

Posted by Manoau2002 
Caanoo Vs. Wiz
November 19, 2010 10:55PM
I have been thinking about buying one of these two systems. I mostly plan to use it to run emulators. The g-sensor and the wifi are nice features of the caanoo but the d-stick vs. the wiz's d-pad makes me wonder how great it would be for playing games from earlier systems. Also I wondered if anyone knows if the caanoo is powerful enough to someday potentially run either a n64 emulator or a ps1 emulator. I could get a wiz about 50 dollars less than the cost of the caanoo so I am wondering if the caanoo is worth the extra money or not. Thanks.
Re: Caanoo Vs. Wiz
November 20, 2010 12:49AM
I'm running on no sleep right now... I skimmed through Caanoo's specs, and at first glance I'm led to believe it'll never handle any third generation emulators (N64, PS1). However, if someone feels I'm wrong, do correct me.

Also, I want this one: [www.openpandora.org]
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