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Buying wii from the US

Posted by Ahs25ir 
Buying wii from the US
August 08, 2011 09:37AM
I want to buy a wii and get it somewhere else like Europe.I wanted to know if I buy it from the us can I use it in Europe or the electricity voltage and other stuff are different?
Re: Buying wii from the US
August 09, 2011 10:32PM
I guess you can but adapters anyway. I got a UK Wii and only had to buy an adapter to fit the Swedish sockets. It costed me 40 Swedish crowns (about $7). Don't take my words as any warranty though. :)
Re: Buying wii from the US
August 13, 2011 09:27PM
US voltages are different to UK voltages, not sure about the rest of Europe. US is 115V, UK is 230V. Although in my experience, I have bought a GBA, a DS and a PSP in the US, and have been able to use them all just fine in the UK by simply using a UK charger with them. (Most video game shops sell replacement chargers for consoles, quite cheaply). I would imagine the same would most likely work with a Wii, simply buy a new power adapter for it in the country you want to use it in.
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