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BBCi Player

Posted by FieryPhoenix 
BBCi Player
August 13, 2011 09:24PM
I know I have to go the shop channel to get this but it does not load for me - all my other chanels like news and weather load fine but not the shop channel.

My country settings are the UK and I have accepted all agrrements - I just want the BBCi player - any ideas?
Re: BBCi Player
August 13, 2011 10:06PM
Use DOP-Mii to install the Shop Channel and IOS56.
Re: BBCi Player
August 14, 2011 12:53AM
I can see that it has the ability to brick your Wii of not used correctlly - bit of a noob so am worried.

Do I just put this in the root of my sd card and run it through my wii homepage - I can just search for the required IOS thats not a problem.

Any guides what to do?
Re: BBCi Player
August 14, 2011 05:14PM
I have downloaded and installed dop-mii. When I select to change my IOS to 56 as quoted above I do not have that option, only 53, 55, 60, 249 & 250

Any advise on how to progess - thanks
Re: BBCi Player
August 15, 2011 05:17AM
If you read this page, [wiisixtyfour.webs.com] it should explain how to use Dop-Mii. Instead of IOS58 though, install IOS56
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