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Production-quality Wii web server

Posted by flotwig 
Production-quality Wii web server
July 08, 2012 05:06AM
I know that the Wii isn't exactly a package of hardcore computing hardware. But hear me out, here.

The Wii has support for USB 2.0 for Ethernet and storage. It uses less than 20 watts (!) at full load, whereas a full-fledged, admittedly more capable server uses 425 watts. Would it not be really cool to be able to reliably use a Wii for serving static web content, at least? You can pick them up for $30 on eBay, a price which is likely to fall quickly in the future when the new Wii is released.

Why not repurpose your Wii? I've used wiihttpd and Wii Web Server. The first crashed after about 3 requests from the WAN, and the second one is riddled with security holes, if I understand the talk page chatter correctly. I understand that the Wii probably won't ever be able to run PHP or Ruby on Rails at an acceptable speed, but what's stopping developers from creating a stable, effective, "production quality" httpd/ftpd which is capable of serving static content?
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