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Looking for a USB Gecko

Posted by technoman 
Looking for a USB Gecko
March 19, 2013 02:40PM
Re: Looking for a USB Gecko
March 19, 2013 07:24PM
For what it's worth, I think many devs get by without a USB Gecko. You can always rely on stack dumps for some help with debugging, and of course you can also add extra outputs (printf statements or outputting to a file) for debugging purposes. Not quite as convenient as a USB Gecko, perhaps, but you should be able to debug a lot of errors with a combination of those if you can't get your hands on a USB Gecko (they do seem rather elusive these days).

EDIT: Certainly for your early, simpler projects you should be absolutely fine without a USB gecko

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Re: Looking for a USB Gecko
March 21, 2013 02:14PM
Re: Looking for a USB Gecko
March 21, 2013 04:18PM
I think Dolphin can do that, but I also believe that Dolphin isn't ideal for development purposes, as there are things which can crash Dolphin which work fine on a real Wii, and there are various other inaccuracies between how Dolphin works and how an actual Wii works.
Re: Looking for a USB Gecko
April 01, 2013 09:26PM
Ok then (not sure if I can mention this as I don't really know how it works so sorry if it breaks the rules) would that NEEK thing, or whatever it's called work instead of Dolphin? I vaguely remember reading that it was some type of developmental sandbox for the Wii.

Also I remember reading on WiiBrew that you could build you're own USB Gecko. How hard would that be and would it be easier than trying to find a Gecko for sale?
Re: Looking for a USB Gecko
April 02, 2013 11:36AM
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