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What happened to this place...?

Posted by BaffleBlend 
What happened to this place...?
March 30, 2014 01:55PM
This is my first day here, but it feels as if I've stepped into an abandoned graveyard. Hardly any posts were made this year in any of the boards - It's creepy and kind of depressing.

The Wii Homebrew scene needs some new life put back into it. Fresh new ideas, new blood, new discussion. If I knew how to code, I would for the sake of keeping the scene alive. I remember when the prospect of Wii Homebrew at all was new an exciting - we finally had something we could DO SOMETHING with our edits to. For the first and maybe the last time, this was OUR console. But... there's just nothing now. I may not have been a vocal member of the community until today, but it's just upsetting to see it fall so far into the ether.

We need to come up with things to breathe some life back into this place. Wii U and 3DS homebrew probably won't happen – at least not for very long – due to Nintendo being able to update games themselves now, so this might be the only thing we get.
Re: What happened to this place...?
March 30, 2014 10:41PM
For me, I have lost interest in the wii, when I first got it, I thought it was cool to have homebrew, home made games, as well as getting the play all the old classic consoles on one unit. But over time I just lost the need to want to play with the wii anymore, and now I really don't have the time, plus look at the new consoles that have come out, wii u, ps4, the new xbox. Its part of the fad of game consoles they alst about a year before a newer better faster model with alot better graphics is released. Another could be too why not many post is people have gotten busy with there lives and don't mess with the wii anymore or are on the newer consoles.
Re: What happened to this place...?
March 31, 2014 06:34AM
There are a few reasons, the main ones that occur to me are the guy behind devkitppc+libogc driving away anybody capable of improving it (so the homebrew "SDK" has had no new features/bugfixes for nearly 3 years) and the warez/usbloader crews stealing any new decent pieces of code to use in their own projects regardless of the permissions granted by the authors.
Re: What happened to this place...?
March 31, 2014 08:03AM
Re: What happened to this place...?
April 01, 2014 01:07AM
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