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25C3 BootMii

Posted by pinball Wizard 
25C3 BootMii
January 17, 2009 03:34AM
I have seen about 15 minutes of the presentation the Bushing and Marcan gave. Great job. Very informative and I truly have a greater understanding of how this all has worked out. The one question I have is where is the actual demo of bootmii in this video: [video.google.com]

Great job Bushing and Marcan though. I was impressed by the information you guys put into it.

EDIT: Never mind about location. I missed the very ending part. Nice presentation.

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Re: 25C3 BootMii
January 25, 2009 03:44PM
I watched the entire presentation this afternoon on youtube. (searching for 25c3 there will find it). iirc there was 8 parts and the demo of BootMii was in the last or penultimate. They don't show much though, but its still worth a look and I certainly understand things like the IOS and NAND a hell of a lot better now.

The thing that got me was the shear lack of questions at the end. I would have asked a million. The only poignant question asked was when will BootMii be finished - with the standard reply; when its ready.

IMHO if you have some spare time and are even remotely interested in Wiibrewing then it's definately worth watching the presentation - and the clip from 24c3 as well just to see whats changed in a year - Bushings haircut hasn't :P

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