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Yahoo Mail and HBC (WTF?)

Posted by bg4545 
Yahoo Mail and HBC (WTF?)
February 16, 2009 09:00PM
Okay, so I replied to an email... and I wrote "the Homebrew Channel" and it was one of those things that you can mouse over and a pop-up comes up with info about it.
Look what comes up for "Homebrew Channel"

(click for fullscreen)
That should not be there...

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Re: Yahoo Mail and HBC (WTF?)
February 16, 2009 09:28PM
I also have yahoo mail, but have not noticed anything like this. You should complain to Yahoo.
Re: Yahoo Mail and HBC (WTF?)
February 16, 2009 10:08PM
yeah, and there's more...
when you click on it:

Homebrewinstallersoftware.info ad...
Re: Yahoo Mail and HBC (WTF?)
February 16, 2009 10:37PM
Complain to yahoo. Im going to as soon as I send myself an email that comes back with that crap on it.
Re: Yahoo Mail and HBC (WTF?)
February 17, 2009 05:53PM
This is a magic thing called RSS. You know... This Yahoo stuff must check the most viewed posts or the most popular searches... (I don't know, I use Hotmail and GMail). I did a search on Yahoo's site and only appeared non-piracy stuff... So it must check RSS no popular tech sites.

Unfortunately Wii is the only next-gen console almost-idiot-proof-pirate-soft-mod capable. This draw attention from people.
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