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eMule for Wii - Job Project

Posted by Uriccardo 
eMule for Wii - Job Project
August 29, 2008 05:43PM
Wanted Expert in programming, especially in eMule.
Reason: Creating a MOD of eMule for WII consoles

Published WiiBrew


Re: eMule for Wii - Job Project
August 29, 2008 10:23PM
Are you aware you posted this in a lot of forums?
Re: eMule for Wii - Job Project
August 31, 2008 02:02AM
Honestly I don't see the purpose of an emule mod for Wii would be because the Wii's internet and Storage are both slow and limited so I don't think it would work very well further more seeing that this forum doesn't support piracy emule is a source of piracy of many forums although not many people use it these days.
Re: eMule for Wii - Job Project
August 31, 2008 06:03AM
Well the Wii is a low power consumption machine, right? Keeping it on to download torrents, eMule, etc. while you sleep to some USB device could be beneficial. I've rarely heard of eMule myself (it's still alive?), but it could have its benefits. If I had a torrent client for the Wii, it'd be useful for me because it'd be an easy way to finally get around to all the OverClocked ReMix torrents I've been too lazy to download.

Now, spamming for help that you'll never get in a number of forums on the other hand is fucking annoying. k? k.
Re: eMule for Wii - Job Project
August 31, 2008 08:47AM
Again following LINKs post, the point of a eMule client for the wii only leads to piracy of most torrents... don't play the stupid card of... oh I want to download legal torrents such as ubuntu distros or such. It is a good concept for a coding project but highly usefulness on the wii from a hardware point. If you want fast torrent client downloads just use your PC.
Re: eMule for Wii - Job Project
September 01, 2008 04:12AM
Blatant request of services. Sorry.

Also: I wish you luck in "modding" eMule for the Wii.
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