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Complete retard please help

Posted by tatersalad 
Complete retard please help
June 05, 2009 07:38PM
I have been doing research on modding my wii for about 2 months now and im more confused then ever. The information is scattered in so many places and is usually in a language i could only assume is english. Could someone show me a complete retards guide to modding my wii so i can play back up wii and gamecube games on a hard drive/memory card/usb flash drive? Anything but disks please as i tend to lose them quite often. I would also like to learn how to play nintendo 64 games.

Thank you for any help that I receive and much apprecciation and mahalo
Re: Complete retard please help
June 05, 2009 07:39PM
Backups aren't supported here. Read the rules.
Re: Complete retard please help
June 05, 2009 09:26PM
WiiBrew does not support or condone the use of backups. Such being the case, discussion of them is strictly prohibited in all areas of our forums.
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