New Homebrew Channell
May 31, 2010 02:26PM
K, here goes, I paid someone to mod my Wii, Have a Wii v4.2u ,1Tg hd, 2 Gb sd, running uLoader v3.0c. The guy who done it, didnt even give me a hint on how to use the channell, just boot Wii, start USB Loader, then play. Thats it, Cant seem to locate him anymore. Anyways, I was able to figure out that when you are on USB Loader, if you wanted to install a game, just hit the + sign on the Wiimote on any blank space, and it will do it for ya. Great, so I installed some boughten games on the HD and away I go. . Trouble is, I tried with the new Band Hero and GH 5, but I get an error, and the Wii freezes. Also, playing with some of the apps on home breww, will it hurt my Wii? I dont know how to operate any of them. I have the following apps:
uLoader V3.0c
Cios 222 installer v4 (Version 3.0)
Any title deleter V1.0
" " " MoD V6
Cios xR19 installer
cmos installer rev 5
con figurable usb loader
dop miiV12
fce ultra gx
gc wad manager
gp dop-ios mod
megacode downloader
pimp my wii
gc setting fix
trucha bug restaore/MOD
wasd manger v1.6

Thanks a bunch guys/gals. Hope i dont get banned for this post. Like I said, im new, and im trying to get it running smoothly for my kids
Re: New Homebrew Channell
May 31, 2010 03:05PM
Me again, when I tried GH5, i got an error code Cios 222/223 reguired for bca. Any thoughts........
Re: New Homebrew Channell
May 31, 2010 06:37PM
We don't care if its for your kids.

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