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The Downgrader

Posted by pinball Wizard 
The Downgrader
August 31, 2008 06:52PM
I know this is newbish because what the System Menu says your version is doesn't mean anything much, it is all in the IOS's but on a USA wii will the downgrader bump me down without a 99% chance brick issue to 3.2U? I want to use the DVD library.
Re: The Downgrader
September 01, 2008 04:15AM
Why can't you use the DVD library on 3.3?

There's lots of ways to downgrade now--and nothing is 100% safe. I haven't really heard of bricks with any of them, though.
Re: The Downgrader
September 03, 2008 02:05AM
I thought, (might have misread) you must be on 3.2 to use it. If I can run it on 3.3 then I feel stupid.
Re: The Downgrader
September 05, 2008 10:32PM
Fret not, you can definitely use DVD Lib on 3.3, as I have been. I'm using a PAL Wii, not NTSC, but I doubt there's any difference.
Re: The Downgrader
September 06, 2008 06:02PM
Well, I am now going to try in in a few hours then. I have a few things to take care of on loose ends but thanks.
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