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DOSBox and Kings Quest VI CD Sound

Posted by Nerfhurter 
DOSBox and Kings Quest VI CD Sound
January 07, 2010 01:48AM
Hopefully you all can help me. I have been trying to get Kings Quest VI to work on DOSBox. So far I have successfully gotten it to run full speed with no stuttering of sound when it plays. However the only issue I have is that it is missing the normal background sounds like music and ambiance (waves and birds). If anyone has played this game you know that the music isn't needed but definitely makes the game a lot better.

My current setup to get the sound to run right (before it was stuttering) is cpu cycle fixed at 3000, sample rates at 44100 and block at 256.

To get the game running in the first place I had to install the game on PC (acessing the SD card was too slow and locked up when trying to install via the DOSBox on the Wii) Then copy the folder that's installed and the files from the CD. I mounted them as 2 separate folders. They seem to be running just fine but the background sound just won't work. It works perfectly fine on PC DOSBox, I checked the conf files of both the PC and Wii for DOSBox and they are identical.
Re: DOSBox and Kings Quest VI CD Sound
January 07, 2010 02:04AM
Ok, I think I've narrowed it down to a setting related to the games audio. When installing the game I choose what sound device for 2 seperate categories, Music, and Audio. I'm guessing music is the background noises I'm after. I'll list the choices and see if you all can tell me which are emulated by DOSBox on wii.

For Audio:
Roland MT-32, MT-100, LAPC-I, CM-32L, or CM-64
General MIDI Sound Driver
Pro Audio Spectrum
Sound Blaster / AdLib Card (or compatibles)
Microsoft Windows Sound System
Sound Blaster Pro
IBM PS/1 Audio/Joystick Card
IBM PC or Compatible Internal Speaker

For Music:
Pro Audio Spectrum
Pro Audio Spectrum 16
Sound Blaster
Microsoft Windows Sound System
Disney Sound Source
No Aduio/Voice Card
Re: DOSBox and Kings Quest VI CD Sound
January 07, 2010 03:09AM
Yes this game is amazing. I have also got the game running but its the boot disk version not the CD so no voice actors. the rest of the sound works great. Are you telling me you got the CD version to run the the Wii Dosbox!? Does the voice acting work? I personally love those type of games and playing them again brings back old memories. You should try out the Wii version of Scummvm and play some Monkey Island 3.
Re: DOSBox and Kings Quest VI CD Sound
January 07, 2010 04:22AM
Yup I've managed to get the voice acting, its absolutely fantastic, above most modern games today. What I did is made another folder on the root of the sd card I just called it DOSBox1, I put the SIERRA folder that is installed when using the cd version onto the regular DOSBox folder then mounted DOSBox1 as a cd and put all the files located on the cd in there.

Can't seem to get the background music to work though and it just feels empty... I'm not sure why but even though it runs flawlesss on PC, with the same settings (except with frameskip of 1 to keep sound steady). It seems like the Wii isn't capable of emulating the MT-32 properly I'll try with other audio settings in-game and get back if I have any sucess.

Also you saw there's a Wii version of scummVM? I hear the KQ6 runs great on it with less issues and configuration than DOSBox so I might try that.
Re: DOSBox and Kings Quest VI CD Sound
January 07, 2010 05:29AM
Success! Finally, FYI for anyone wondering you must use the soundblaster adlib setting for audio and sound blaster for music. any questions on how to run the cd game in all its glory let me know.
Re: DOSBox and Kings Quest VI CD Sound
December 26, 2015 07:37PM

Please tell me what you did to get full music, full voice acting sound. I downloaded a CD version of the game and DOSBox and I managed to get it up, I just can't hear anything despite having the "speech" version of the game activated. Each time I increase the volume and test it, the game automatically pushes the volume back down to zero.

What am I missing?
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