8 Player support on Jump N Bump
May 10, 2010 09:54AM
The more I check out the site and homebrew, the more I want to hump the developers' legs. LOL. Great stuff people.

I had a question about Jump N Bump. I understand that 4 nunchucks and 4 wiimotes will allow for 8 player gaming. Can I have 4 wiimotes and 4 GC or classic controllers hooked up instead, or is it only the nunchucks that support 8 players. Thanks in advance.
Re: 8 Player support on Jump N Bump
May 11, 2010 02:50AM
I'm not sure... You could always test and see if it works, you know.
Re: 8 Player support on Jump N Bump
May 11, 2010 02:45PM
my guess would be no... the only reason 8 player support works is because essentially you are playing a four player game (four wiimotes with nunchucks) but the programmer made one SET of controls control two bunnies. so you just pass half your controls (the nunchucks) to someone else and have 8 individual controls... hence 8 at once.

That's just an educated guess though, i have not messed around with it.
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