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VBA-GX Black Error screen

Posted by super3dcow 
VBA-GX Black Error screen
May 04, 2011 07:31PM
For some reason today when trying to use the VBA emulator, after sitting at the main game screen for about a minute, it suddenly goes black saying, Exception (DSI) Occurred. And then tons of lines of code, with Stack Dump and Code Dump mixed in. I have to manually power off the Wii to stop it. It happens shortly after starting a game too. I tried updating to the newest version, (went from 2.2.1 to 2.2.4) but it's still happening.

Anyone know why it's suddenly freezing like this?
Re: VBA-GX Black Error screen
May 07, 2011 02:12AM
I have the same problem and would appreciate some feedback as well, only this happens to me on wii64 and snes 9xgx as well. The emulator and rom only work maybe a third of the time, no matter what game...
Re: VBA-GX Black Error screen
May 07, 2011 05:26AM
Yeah, I have been getting this too since the updated from 2.2.2 to 2.2.4, I'm getting a lot of Stack Dumps both in game, and in the emulator menu, specifically the ROM list. My specs are as follows:

Wii System Ver 4.3U
HB Channel 1.0.8
IOS58 v24.32

VBA-GX 2.2.4
2,897 ROMs: GBA, GBC, and classic GB

SDHC Card 16GB Class 6
Wavebirds plugged into all my GC controller slots
Rumble turned off in VBA-GX app preferences/options

I had tried to upgrade previously to 2.2.3, but started having these crashes and reverted to 2.2.2, but after some recent issues with 2.2.2, I decided to upgrade again and now my stability seems to have gone out the window.

I have deleted both the app and the channel via the HBC, and reinstalled the app via HBB and I am still having issues. I may try and do another uninstall and reinstall 2.2.2.

BTW, I would recommend you rename the thread subject to read:
VBA-GX Stack Dump screen
-- instead of --
VBA-GX Black Error screen
in order to more accurately describe the error you are having. Also, you should post your specs here, as I have above, to assist with debugging the issue.

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Re: VBA-GX Black Error screen
May 07, 2011 06:42PM
If you're all using a SDHC then there is your problem. Use a regular SD card formatted in FAT32 and it shouldn't happen again. If it does try a USB memory stick formatted in FAT32. Also if it crashes hit the reset button instead; it will take you back to HBC.

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Re: VBA-GX Black Error screen
May 07, 2011 09:38PM
Well im using a 4gb corsair usb stick and it was formatted using FAT32.
VBA is 2.2.4 as well tho i may try using 2.2.2 and see if that will help
Homebrew 1.0.8 and idk my IOS...

I just tried playing and i get this screen virtually every time, out of 10+ tries i couldnt get any game to work on visual boy, some will load but shortly after the first game screen it comes up...
Re: VBA-GX Black Error screen
May 08, 2011 06:45AM
technoman is talking nonsense. Probably your problem is that you Wii doesn't have network access, which will cause a crash if the meta.xml for an app contains the no_ios_reload line - this is a known HBC bug.
Re: VBA-GX Black Error screen
May 11, 2011 06:28PM
Yeah that was it, after deleting that line ive ever gotten that error again. Thank you, its nice to get simple straightforward answers at least sometimes haha.
Re: VBA-GX Black Error screen
May 26, 2011 10:22PM
I was also having the same problem, not only on VBA GX, but on FCE Ultra GX and Snes9x GX as well. There were a few things I had done since last using the emulators that I thought was the problem. First was adding WiiMC to my system, which I knew wasn't a problem. Then I re-installed HBC to use IOS58 which I already had on my system, but after my last Wii update my HBC was using IOS61 so I re-installed HBC so it would use IOS58. Then I deleted everything in my apps folder and downloaded fresh versions. I thought I made a mistake when those emulators were crashing, so I removed all homebrew content and started over thinking that would help, wrong. Even with a fresh HBC installed and all fresh homebrew apps, those emulators still had the same problem. Then I came here to the forums and saw this topic. After reading it I connected my Wii to the internet, and suddenly no more problem. I went through a lot of crap when it was such a simple problem. Oh well, it all seems to run a little faster now.
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