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SMB Videos Drop Connection [Media Player Ce] [WiiMC]

Posted by Vidus 
SMB Videos Drop Connection [Media Player Ce] [WiiMC]
February 08, 2012 05:03AM
I use both Media Player CE and WiiMC to play videos shared off my computer. However with the past two updates they frequently crash. Any video plays then drops the connection in 5 to 10 minutes. I've search this forum and others for both homebrew and windows solutions. Nothing has worked so far hence this thread. I admit that this maybe more of a Windows rather than Homebrew problem. Here are my specs.

Windows Vista
Media Player CE
Netgear WGR614 v7
Comodo 5.5
AVG 2012
Network settings done by TCP Optimizer.
Power Mode set to High Performance.
Wired connection.
Nyko Ethernet adaptor.
No GC Memory cards in slots.
No downloads, uploads, streams, IM, etc. running in the background.
{/noios} tag removed from meta.xml (Having this in any homebrew app causes it to crash in 3 seconds.)

1MB download
256KB upload


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Re: SMB Videos Drop Connection [Media Player Ce] [WiiMC]
February 09, 2012 04:13AM
I turned off PeerBlocker. Now it works like a charm. So if there are any mysterious and repeated disconnects, double check any blocking software.

I'll attempt to find out what ports/settings, etc. are to be allowed to use stream the Wii and post them here.

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Re: SMB Videos Drop Connection [Media Player Ce] [WiiMC]
February 09, 2012 06:29PM
Issue: WiiMC and Media Player CE keep dropping connection from SMB files.

Cause: peer blocking software using Bogon, IANA, and other lists that block unallocated or unused sites.

Solution 1: Remove such lists from peer blocking software.

Solution 2: Add the Wii's IP address to the peer blocking software's permanetly allowed or whitelist. (Now would be a good time to give your Wii a static IP. The SMB computer probably already has one, so the Wii shouldn't be too difficult.)
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