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Tickle the picture!!

Posted by ether2802 
Tickle the picture!!
September 12, 2008 06:45AM
I know that sounds like a very stupid app, but i just want to know if it's possible to point to a picture, press A and have a sound thru the wiimote speaker?? if not just thru the TV will do fine, I could make the sound samples; and it could be also a user/easy/config, like to throw some pictures in some folder (in the SD) and some samples in to another and the app puts them together, then it could be even educational, like put some pictures of diferent animals and the sounds, and put it to my niece (she has 3yo) so she can interact, and that's how you make the little kids get the interest of having a Wii, lol.

but if that sound like a stupid, terrible, etc etc etc idea, then how about a theremin (download for win/pc at www.elliejim.co.uk/theremin.exe) on the Wii, yes a sinthesizer than changes the high of the note simply by point the Wiimote to the ceiling, and low the note by pointing to the ground, just 2 or 3 different waves (square, traingle, saw, sin), well if no ones is interested, I'll understand......snif!!

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Re: Tickle the picture!!
September 12, 2008 07:18PM
Sounds like a good idea for little kids but some how I dont think a dev will take interest in it maybe you should consider buying dora the explorer or something i think theres a wii game of that.
Re: Tickle the picture!!
September 13, 2008 02:26AM
Yeah, it'd be nice if we had more info on that speaker. I'd love to make an alarm clock out of it. :P

Hm, if you could use the IR/motion sensors to get an idea of where the Wiimote is relative to the screen, you could use them for a realistic surround-sound/augmented reality effect. As you move the Wiimote toward the sound source, it gets louder, etc.
Re: Tickle the picture!!
September 13, 2008 05:46AM

did you see the theremin on the page i linked?
Re: Tickle the picture!!
September 14, 2008 05:32AM
No, didn't notice the link. Last I checked the speaker worked, but not fully (sounds tended to be distorted, sometimes it wouldn't shut off, etc). Has that been fixed?
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