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IOS 58 USB speeds

Posted by lorddunlow 
IOS 58 USB speeds
September 13, 2010 05:18PM
I was just wondering if there are any solid facts about USB transfer speeds associated with IOS58 vs cIOS202. I've heard many people SAY that IOS58 has slower transfer speeds, with at least one post somewhere (I don't remember if it was here or WiiXplorer's google code issues page) stating actual speed differences (IOS58 half as fast as 202), but I don't know how those numbers were obtained. If anyone from the developer side (or just with more expertise than me) could shed some light on this I would appreciate it. This is the main reason why I have been hesitant to upgrade my various apps to their IOS58 versions (including HBC).
Re: IOS 58 USB speeds
September 13, 2010 07:15PM
I can't see why IOS58 would be slower, its professionally coded rather than coded by hobbyist coder's, so one would assume it "should" be of a higher standard, but that doesn't necessarily hold true.
Re: IOS 58 USB speeds
September 13, 2010 09:07PM
I was just about to start a topic on this agenda. Somebody beat me to it, heh, but it's all good... anyways...

IOS58 is indeed slower than IOS202. Now, I can't crunch you any numbers and give you all the usual details a more experienced programmer/hacker, but all I that I say comes from personal experience. And after trying both HBC 1.0.6 with IOS202 and HBC 1.0.8 with IOS58... I'd say that I'm ALOT more satisfied with IOS202 than IOS58.

True, IOS58 is the only official IOS with actual official USB2.0 supported by Nintendo, but that doesn't mean it's the best. And this is all because Nintendo didn't release IOS58 with the intention of people using it to transfer massive ammounts of data to and fro a USB storage device and the Wii, but for a camera (???) in a game called "Your Shape".
IOS202 was created by a guy who goes by the name "hermes", who is also well known for his shady and underground work in the island of Tortuga (if anyone catches the lame "Pirates of the Caribbean" joke).
People here don't take too kindly to his work, and IOS202 is barely acceptable for discussion here, given that it's one of the least questionable things he's contributed to the community. It was built on top of a different preexisting IOS (can't remember which) that had a USB1.0 module. He basically gouged the guts from the old module and replaced it with his own that had 2.0 speeds. And modifying IOS for your own personal goals, well... that's somehow frowned upon in the community. Don't know why, but it just is...

Anyways, you can stay on HBC 1.0.6 for as long as you like, or you can update to 1.0.8 and then proceed to reinstall 1.0.6 . Since both HBCs have different title IDs, you can have both versions installed simultaneously (unless you were in sys menu 4.3, where you're almost certainly stuck with the newest version), and if you would ever find an app that didn't run correctly or at all in 1.0.8, you could just go back to 1.0.6 and continue from there.

Hope I helped.
Re: IOS 58 USB speeds
September 13, 2010 09:09PM
I'm pretty sure Kwiirk made the original USB 2.0 module, and hermes copied that, but I may be wrong.
Re: IOS 58 USB speeds
September 13, 2010 09:27PM
I'm not that sure myself. But in any case, IOS202's creation isusually atributed to hermes anyways.
Re: IOS 58 USB speeds
September 13, 2010 10:48PM
IOS202 never worked well to me.

It looked like it didn't detect FAT/FAT32 USB pen drives. I have read a lot of people with this same problem. Those same pen drives were detected flawlessly through IOS61 but USB was limited to 1.1 speeds.

However I have heard that IOS202 worked very well on NTFS and WBFS USB Hard Disks. I'm not surprised since the purpose of IOS202 was mostly for piracy purposes, allowing USB loaders to work with USB2.0 speeds, and we all know that Wii Discs images require NTFS or WBFS to fit.

Well, as IOS202 never worked with my pen drives, I am more than happy with IOS58, since it works perfectly will all my USB FAT/FAT32 storage devices. And like dhewg and other members from Team Twiizers once said: I don't know how it works with HDD USB drives, since we have never had the need of such large storage capacities in the Wii, unless we were pirating ;)
Re: IOS 58 USB speeds
September 13, 2010 11:07PM
Whew. I was hoping for this kind of discussion and not the whole community coming down on me.

Magil, thanks for your response. That is probably what I'm going to do (have both HBC versions with some apps in IOS58 and some in IOS202). It's what I did when major changes occurred when 1.0.5 came along and I wasn't ready to commit.

I really wish all of the devs would take the approach of WiiXplorer which allows either IOS58 or 202. This gives the greatest flexibility. Flexibility is why we are all interested in homebrew - we want to utilize our hardware to its fullest potential, the way we each see fit. We don't want it to be locked down like the manufacturer would like it to be. I disapprove of piracy, but I can't stop it. If someone is dedicated, they will accomplish it. Don't punish everyone for piracy, especially when the measures taken allow the pirates to be the only one's who can use the device to its full potential. Everyone uses each program in their own way, and homebrew or open source/community software (in general) has always catered to the want of individuals to customize the programs to their personal use and tastes.

As for the comment about IOS58 being better because it is official: I feel that the opposite is usually true. In almost every corner of software, hardware, etc. community/open source projects are almost always better. They do tend to have more bugs, but most are minor (and with some companies *cough* Microsoft *cough* the official programs have worse bugs and vulnerabilities). With an active developer, and a helpful community, they tend to add new features more often, bugs are squashed more quickly, and the programs are more adaptable/flexible than an official solution. I love community projects, especially open source ones. It is the best thing which has arisen from the internet, in my opinion. (I know it existed before the internet, but it has blossomed with the communication provided by the internet.) My TiVo, Wii, Android phone, computer, PS3, etc. are much more valuable to me with the existence of homebrew/open source projects.

Back on topic: Does anyone have any actual stats on speed comparisons of the two methods? I'm very curious because I would like to go whole hog and just update everything since those will be the supported apps and the new features that are introduced will only exist in these IOS58 versions. I also don't see Nintendo trying to improve speed in this IOS since it would just help the evil modders that they hate. I also could see them update IOS58 to block many USB devices. Which would more than likely be possible since many versions of IOS202 have compatibility problems with specific USB devices/brands.

Any input to any of the above would be appreciated.

Edited after reading Axel's post:
Videos (definitely not piracy in some instances) and emulator ROMs (don't know why these aren't considered piracy) are not considered piracy by this board, and definitely is what I use my HDD for on my Wii. I, too, did have problems with some USB sticks. Do all work on IOS58?

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Re: IOS 58 USB speeds
September 14, 2010 12:49AM
Edited after reading Axel's post:
Videos (definitely not piracy in some instances) and emulator ROMs (don't know why these aren't considered piracy) are not considered piracy by this board, and definitely is what I use my HDD for on my Wii. I, too, did have problems with some USB sticks. Do all work on IOS58?

Yes, it looks like all of them do. It's one for the other... looks like we can not have everything :(
Re: IOS 58 USB speeds
September 28, 2010 09:30AM
ive been having some problems with this as well and ive noticed a significant increase in speed with WIIMC and most of my EMU's load times ( snes / nes) to the point i dont even get a load bar. it just starts the rom or AVI. but on the other had since ios 58 i havnt been able to load roms at all with some EMU's ( wii64 / wiiSX ) witch loaded perfect with ios 202. if your looking for a way to see the differance you could do what i did, i have HB 1.0.8 installed and i run all my apps from my sd card but load from my external drive. both are formated to fat32 and i have all the programs i use saved on both drives making it easy to swap from usb and sd with the 1 button on the wiimote. than just switch and load the same item and compare the load time.
With wiiexplorer a program i have come to love and hate.i love that it give you alot of options on which ios you can run it from (ie, ios 58 and 202 ) but it fails to read a multi partition drive. it will only read the first partition and the sd card and the dvd drive. i am eagerly awaiting the day i see (sd ,usb1, usb2, usb3, DVD )show up on the drive select screen. i will be a happy wiidman on that day.
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